Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2 MOVIES! And Err...

Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 10:59 PM
Whatcha Think? 
Two days ago which was on Sunday, I went to Pavilion with who-else-then. (Hee)
We watched TWO movies
(sometimes we do watch three movies in a row)

Coming Soon and Paul Blart: Mall Cop movie tickets
Both are in different genre, but we both enjoyed watching them.
For those who feel hesitate to watch these movies, (I know they don't have big promos done), I'll give you hints whether you should or should not give them a hit, BUT in another post.
(Well this is promo, if you know what I mean). Hehe.
Ate at T.G.I Friday'sAppetizingly Yummy!
And my NEW shoes is killing me!
(Which means, I had to buy a NEW pair of socks! --- good though cause I can have collections on that. Haha)
Had a leisure tea-break at J.Co Doughnuts & Coffee (my favee!)
Honestly, we were actually suffering from an ankle pain as we both wore NEW pairs-on-the-feet on that day (well now I really hate the word NEW). It was quite a misery as we had this wierd walk, "terhenjut-henjut" every time we put steps on the floor.

Then, while lingering in-and-out of most of all stores,
I found this!
And this!
Imagine my reaction;
Well, a new reminder pops up since then.
>>> "S.O.O.N." <<<

Anyhow, Abang is such a sweetie! He bought me this dress.
**I know YOU were worried if I spend on something again, Fitty darling. Hehe**
Officially, this is my very FIRST dress.
(Fyi, I never had a dress before. I mean, a REAL dress)

So a first fit (your name is everywhere!), in a NAVY way!

Thanks alot Abang!

P/s: Never mind if you think the dress is not that pretty, cause I had hard time finding a dress which the type I prefer. If it does exist, it will cost me nearly thousand!

Fitty ALERT: Thanks for the help, darl. (You asked me to go to JASPAL and said the clothes are affordable. Well, I picked one and RM759 is affordable??) Hahaha.


♥ lurveinme ♥ said...

amboi. abang!

wooot. wooot!

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

who doesn't have one? ;P

JuJuAimaN said...

well..i DON'T!! *sigh*

-ajiem- said...

sakit kaki tu til rase lg til today..hik3...

syazana said...

agreed with juju! i dont have one. and please DONT find me one. alanggg cun la dress tu.

and miss juju dear, pleaseee let me be one of your invited reader. hehe.. asap taw!

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To juju: frankly, i was thinking of you the moment I replied izzette; like you are so probably going to say that n you really DID! Sorry juju, no heart-feeling yea? Chill. Your turn will come ;)

To abang: same here. Huhu. But I managed to wear it comfortably today to class! Thank God.

To syazong: Ahahaha. Well buzz me whenever you have one! And owh? Serious ke cun? Thank youuu.... (hepi2)

JuJuAimaN said...

hahahahahhaha!!! OMGoddddd!! u really had me on mind??? gila lahhh! i think MOST of my friends said the same thing..when it comes to single ladies, they had ME on mind..mmg parah dah ni..hahahhaha!

fitto said...

aiyoh..759 aa..long dress i guess..cz last tym i cek its btwn 300-400...bt knee length dress la..its cheaper thn KATE SPADE tho...

cntk skechers 2..haha..if u buy it bole pki g clas sama2..n again i will b d ambassador of skechers again as wat ayong n eliza kol me..

ps: dun buy dat PUMA shuz..i dun like it..=P..i mean seriously...i ordy saw it wen my dad came here last time..if u wana buy it then dun wear it in front of me..bt if u buy dat skechers...OH YEAH!SAYA SOKONG! =DDD

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To juju: HAHAHAHAHA.. It is YOU that make people see like what you are now...>> a very lonely single lady; like tomorrow-is-the-end-of-the-world-and-i'm-still-single-and-oh-please-my-only-crush-can't-you-see-i'm-waiting..??? --- you know what I mean.

Juju.. Juju...

To fitty: Hohoho.. Luckily the skechers I saw isn't stylishly designed. You know, like Lyn's. (suke lyn!) Hehe.. It's quite 'empty' for me. If not, you know I couldn't breathe again.

Haha.. Yea, I did try that PUMA shoes on, and it's not comfy. Lucky you. Hak3..~


Did yu bought the SKetchers??

Arghhh.. dkt pavi tuh..
Ok.. I'm dying to get those shoes..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To Fatimoist: Hahaha. No I'm not. I just bought one few days before, so I can't buy another in a row. Huhu. -so sad-
Yea, I'm dying to buy the shoes too!
Or maybe the other one..
Or the other...
OK, I have to stop this. ;P

♥ lurveinme ♥ said...


i dont have either!

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To izzete:
So GO GO GO Girl!!

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