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Whatcha Think? 

Well it's funny when I think back of how time flies so fast that I don't have chance to even figure out every detail of what it brings to me day after day..
Just look at how these kittens grow up!
*even if I knew KITTENS grow faster than humans, well that doesn't count for now*

On March, 13th 2009
After a huge struggling alone in the kitchen where my mum was the one who noticed Koci's labouring that caused her screamed like
someone had been sneaked into the house,
*she always gets panic even if it is a small matter*,
Koci made the family stunned by the new faces of fluffy, okay not so fluffy as their fur was barely seen but still,
extremely CUTE babies born.

These three cute little kittens in which one with tiger-like pattern (named Tiger),
one with "stockings" at all four feet (named as Tocking) and the other one was (died with an unintentionally *I repeat, UNINTENTIONALLY* accident by my mum and was found drowned in the drain outside the house) a black one (which we called it Black).

While these pictures were taken on the 4th April and look how they have grown up!
OMG. I just LOOOOVE fluffy creatures!


And then a few days after, came out the new comers from AboO
(the adult grey cat -- came from the word "kelabu").
AboO is Koci's daughter, so that gives Koci another FOUR grandchildren! Haha.

Since there are so many similar like patterns between them, so we are still confused what to call each of these earthlings.
We just call them whatever we feel it suits for their colours.

Look at them sleeping stylishly!
How cute.....

Gee... How can they be so adorable......??


raihan said...

yesss!! keep it up captain ;)) at least i got things to read despite of my boring medicine text books. pfffft!

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Okie dokie! ;D

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

P/s: I think all my kitties are from the same PAPA. --- opss..??

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