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Whatcha Think? 

I got tagged by some of my friends.
Since I love giving feedback, so I did.
Besides, I was attracted by this meaningful subject.
Yup, my former batch in Sekolah Seri Puteri, Cyberjaya.
This is like a whole recap of my five years living in a boarding school.

♥1. Who was your CS (senior)?
: Kak Ainnun Ain (maybe wrong spelling) *Rubian*

♥2. Who was your CS (junior)?
: Emm.. I had two x silap. One was Ainaa *also Rubian* & da other one was from Emerald (so shy, can't remember).

♥3. Who were your deskmates from form 1 till 5?
form 1: Syu-e
form 2: Dek Teen

form 3: Err.. Was it Mojo? *swi ex-deskmate! huhu*

form 4: Juju

form 5: C-tornk-gek

♥4. Your class teacher from form 1 till 5?
form 1: Err.. Was her name Cikgu Julia? Amyy!!
form 2: Umm... Dek Teen, HELP!! *owh owh. Yg specky n plum2 tu. Aja sejeq. Ape ke name dia.. haha*

form 3: Errr.... Abe We ke? ;PP

form 4: Bkn Cikgu Zarina cikgu kelas aku ke?? *ingat gi sbb dia yg kutip passbook; ade "kenangan neh"*

form 5: Alamak!! Cikgu ModM3 ku. *aduhh.. AJK yg gagal. hahaha*

♥5. Which house were you in school?
: Red Hot Chili Chili Comel...!! RUBY! ;D

♥6. Still remember your house captains from form 1 till 5?
form 1: Ala.. kakak yg rendah2 tp suara lantang tuu.. Sape woi? Ha3.
form 2: I only remember my dorm leaders now. ;P

form 3: Che Wa kan? (selambe je. haha) She's Anis Salwa
form 4: Yg basketballer tu ke? Eh takk.. She was only the treasurer.. OK. I forgot ;PP

form 5: Hurmm... Sape ek? KAK APE TUH?? Hahaha. ---> Dats ME ;)

♥7. Which classes were you in from form 1 till 5?
form 1: 1 Ilmu
form 2: 2 Usaha

form 3: 3 Usaha

form 4: 4 Restu

form 5: 5 Intelek

♥8. Your favourite menu in dining hall....
: Pak Cik Sudip's Chicken Rice & Ayam Masak Merah ;D

♥9. Your sport you were in back in school?
Archery.... Oh God. I miss it so badly.. Also... My late coach..~~ (T.T)

♥10. Your best friends in school?
: Eju *OMG EJU!!*, C-tornk, Arroyo, K.Pin, Fifa, K.Um, Mojo, Syu-e (time f1. hehe), well there's a lot..

♥11. Are they still your best friends now?
: Some yes, some no. Well, supposed to be. *huhu* But nvm. We all have our own lives now, with different friends :) So I understand..

♥12. Which dorm were u in? Dorm leader skali. Hehe.
form 1: RAB; Kak Muba!
form 2: RBB; Can't remember. But together with Kak Aimi Shairy *ske2 je eja* kot.

form 3: RB1B kejap, then Ixora 2. (New year in Cyberjaya ryte?) Kak Habirah ke *F:4 baru*? REHANN!!

form 4: Hibiscus 2; Me & Fa-e took care of these cute lil' F:1.

form 5: Ixora 2 again; this tyme I lead ALL the dorms' merits. Hahaha.

♥13. Your bedmates??
form 1: Ilya Zawani *tido mata bukak. hik3*
form 2: Omg. Who..?? *can't believe I can forgot this! Slalu ingt lepak kt katil eju kt ujg je. - CONFUSED tyme F:1. Again, swi ex-bedmate* huhu.

form 3: RB1B, can't remember. But in Ixora 2, Ana Lazi *we had single beds each starting this year ryte?*

form 4: Aida Adha ke Siti Zuhaila? (F:1 junior) hehe.

form 5: Aidil Farhana *jaoh2, tp still consider jgk la. Dh tnye. heh*

14. The activity u most loved in school??
: Archery tournaments *we got to stay in HEAVEN!*
: Weekends (fav days of all to sleep n sleep n sleep)

: Nasyid's practice (where I can slam my hands on my missed conga & bongo)

: Being imam for prayer & lead the activities together wif mates *felt so much peaceful here*

: 17th birthday celebration as a house captain (such a blast! Was really touched)

: Giving lectures & had the authority to ask juniors go n buy food at the canteen & ask for free Milo or Maggie or batteries (for Afiza's walkman I used to borrow). HAHAHA *but still I was considered kind enough. Haishh..*

♥15. The activity u most hated in school?
: Preps wif Kurung *if it allows wearing jeans, then I wont mind kot* ;P
: Forced to do weeding wif LOADS of ulat gonggok!! *sigh*

: Had to wake up early, just to attend the every morning assembly. Pfft!

: RUDE, VERY RUDE juniors wat perangai.. Haishhh~~

: And the same daily routine as a boarding school student. Geez...

♥16. Which warden u most loved in school?
: Ustzh Einee *camtu ke eja? heh*

♥17. Your favorite spot to hang out was....
: Once, Alamanda *tyme ni la br nak dpt hirup udara luar! Haha*
: Or kt blkg dorm (tyme F:2) smbil lepak2 wat bising, share2 food, wat perangai gile, bajet bagus dgn senior. HAHAHA. Omg. This is the best!

: But most of place, I prefer my own bed. SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP n SLEEP ;PPP

♥18. What did u do during weekend?
: Sleep as much as I could, chit chatting, listen n sing along to, sometimes ;)

♥19. The most unforgettable moments during school....
: F1 - 1st time kena tegur ngn senior kt tgga *bdk band yg besa2 n gelap2 tuh, x silap maen drum (ke?). Band mems sho ingt* sbb bg salam, "Assalamualaikum Kak... ne ne ne.. (wat bunyi je cz xtau name dia. HAHAHA)
: F2 - Kena pinpoint by seniors suh recall blk their names *tradition la neyhh..*

: F3 - Time pindah sekolah ke Cyberjaya. Then basuh2 dorm same2.. Fatimah yg ske ngigau jalan2... Haha. Sweet moments..

: F4 - Had to gather kt tgh padang abt 'minyak tumpah nad' till kena pggil masok principal's room, HAHA. Plus, all the Rubians naughty2 kids highest floor. Seriously they were being so devilish, but that was memory now. =) Also, the memory wif Hibiscus 2 juniors.. Heh. Macam2.

: F5 - Again, being a CAPTAIN *still can't forget the history during the nomination day for that. Haha. Mcm politik ape je*, everything about it.. Emm.. What else? Well, birthday celebration, being a super senior n all. BEST BEST BEST ;DD

♥20. Do you really love your former high school??
: DEFINITELY. All the bittersweets I went through is what shapes me to who I am now.. :))
: I miss everything. My friends, school memories (except for having to wear school uniform!), etc. ;'(

After all, life in boarding school was not so bad at all! Once you leave them, you'll miss every bit of it. It's real, and this is what we called as REALITY... I thank whoever made this note and tagged me as this is the best way we can help our memory returns, after more than four years leaving school~~


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

How much I miss my friends now..

Lame gile x jumpe dorg..
Asal ade gath je.., xdpt join.
Isk isk.

Maybe we shud start organizing one. huhu.

raihan said...

oh godddddd. ur memory is still good! im afraid to answer this survey sbb mesti byk blank! THIS IS SAD ;(( blame medicine! hahaha.

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Shu shu shu medicine torture! XDD

Yea, they were surprised how loads I can recall too *in fb*. huhu.

I shocked myself as well cz I never thought I can remember this much too ;D

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