Friday, July 10, 2009


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Whatcha Think? 

Sigh... Been busy lately I had no time to update my blog with some posts. Every day passed left me several interesting stories yet, there were so many unexpected things came out leaving this keyboard untouched to start typing words of any descriptions.

Well I'm fasting today (paying owes to the past Ramadhan - Hahaha) so am now waiting for Azan. Hooray for me as I only have few minutes to start breaking my fast! *"Ah haa.. Oh yeahh.." - cheering happily. Hehe* Okay forget it. I posted this after breaking my fast. Haha.

So here you go. A quick review for you!

Date: 5 July, 2009
Venue: Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
(my favourite shopping mall, of course!)

Aim: Get ourselves the d*mn Transformers movie tickets each!

Okay as you can aspect, the shows were still full-house, though at Pavilion, it wasn't as crowded as Mid Valley normally was, still all shows were selling fast which left us the only front row seats therefore we ended up watching the Ice Age 3 which was super interesting!

We all shared laughs to the whole scenes with everyone in the big room and yeah, we really enjoyed the movie and we totally worth it. The best part was that Mega Sale has started till August! The day we went there was the second day of the craze and obviously I went crazy too looking at every earthling carrying lots of designers shopping bags inside out from every corner! Yikes!! *Why can't I? Isk isk*

I really had fun hanging out that day *ALWAYS have*. Besides, we ate quite a few times too. After our lunch at Pasta Mania (our first trial) *believe me, despite the not-so-appetizing pizzas (so don't bother trying one), their pastas were totally delicious!*, we also tried the Banana Split at Baskin Robbins *15 minutes before the movie started. Haha* and later in the evening, we stuffed our still-full stomachs with J.Co's doughnuts! *What to do, I just couldn't resist it!*

So have a little eyes torture by looking at these lovely pictures of us!

We really seemed to have good times, don't you think?
*wink wink*

Millie, this is the shawl I told you about! *Hehe*
Lalalala.... (^,^)
Okay, so who's jealous? *Hihihi*
Aren't WE? ;)


si mill said...

waa! cun2..hah..kan elok tuh..cantik kot! kemas je...

i lyk!


sorg lagik stdnt sy dh grad..


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Kompom ke dah grad??
Tp rasenye ikot jenis kaen jgk kn?
I cant wear da one yg cm licin cz tyme mkn, sho cm 'jalan2'. hahaha.

Nway, thank u SIFU ;DD

Mimi said...

amboi bersuap hahaha comel2

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...


Thank u mimie.. ;))

-ajiem- said...

wah..cedapnye mkn ice cream..hehe..comelnye baju sama..:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Tu la..
Bile nk makan lg?
Best lah yg tu.
Jz dt tyme kite mkn agak mngejar mase, krg sket feel. hee.
Tp suke2. beesssttttt.... ;)))

Aah, comel kn?
Suke je tgk... hehe~
Nnti bju laen plak, ok x?

-ajiem- said...

tulah..15min mase nk mkn ice cream..mmg kureng feel..huhu..
nnti leh mkn lg..hehe..

ble leh dpt baju lain?hik3..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Muleh2.. InsyaAllah x lama lg. hee.

*hopefully ado la.*
**ttbe tpikey, aish. perli poket den ke? huhu*

Aah, cun jgk. Bley try lg kn?
Sbb sdap n kenyang :)

-ajiem- said...

emm..mane ade perli..x baik tau.huhu..
nnti ade rezeki,leh bli baju lain..:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Ok, just wait n see k?
Cz I actually already have the choices in mind ;))

Pina said...

who's jealous?


comelnye anda & ehem ;)

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