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Whatcha Think? 
(I made this note in my Facebook profile)

Mimie is missing all her Herculean 0105 mates, and same goes to me.
OBJECTIVE: Go and Tag OUR FRIENDS because maybe, they forget.

So yeah, here's what I replied her in her blog which I think I want every of you know that there ARE those who really care about what has passed.


"Yeah.. School life rocks! Never mind the lame blue-white uniform, the most hated juniors the whole 5 years! *HAHAH* but seriously that was the greatest life ever!

It was the moment where we cried whenever we wanted to, we screamed whenever we felt like throwing all out loud, laughed evilly like no devil can challenge *haha. ok exaggerated, i know* but yeah, I personally miss that too..

I miss all of the sempoi and ikot-suka-aku-lah herculeans!! Like these years after we left school, despite of everything that has changed, I also admit that being young and devilish was really fun and stress-free. TOTALLY.

Anyhow Mimie, I wish I can be there for you by now too, but hey, what's so powerful than a true friendship can do, isn't it? We learn everything by heart, believe whatever that comes to us, and we'll succeed. Ok?

Jaoh di mata, dekat di hati mimi..."


Remember all those promises we used to say couple days (or even weeks or months?) before we finally left school? When we shook our friends' hands in the sense that "this might be the last time we hold each others' hands" or that "I'm going to miss you and please don't forget me"??

Or maybe the very popular phrase which I still doubt till now whether it was a trend, or a tradition, but it naturally came out from our mouth that says, "FRIENDS FOREVER"?

So WHERE are those promises then?

Well, Mimie did tell me about how she wished she will never be an adult because she thinks that every moment with YOU GUYS really made her day and it was the best-est moment in her life ever that she missed it so badly. Can't you pay some respect to Mimie, give her some comfort so she won't be so cloudy? She misses you! Yes, YOU! HERCULEANS!

In fact, I do miss my Herculeans too. What I think about more often when I tell my friends about YOU is that how we proudly woke up late in the morning for everyday assembly and sneaked in to the dining hall for the hot bihun Pak Cik Sudip made us while lepak-ing at back of the DM pretending that we were innocent, and that the HEAD STUDENT of our own batch would always find it hard to chase us out early because we were SO COOL we loved to break rules? Never mind the PREFECTS! lol.

Also during the morning assembly which was one of the most boring events every school has created we tend to make full use of it by at least, continue sleeping or chit-chatting even if it was held while we were standing, we didn't give a d*mn about it.

Not to mention the World War or "VaVi" issue (sorry Millie, I borrow that word from you! Hihi) and what not, do agree WE were actually having fun! Hahah. I know, YOU're good, and I'm bad, YOU're studious, and I'm playful. But hey, don't YOU think that is what connect US? YOU skipped class, SHE covered it for YOU. YOU missed your homework, SHE gave YOU the copy. YOU ate in class, SHE pretended not to see. YOU slept in surau, SHE gave YOU gentle massage on your neck. We were so one happy FAMILY, aren't WE?

Or maybe, too, during the moment where all of US, the KIDS, *uh-uh, don't say you were not! NOT!* in the school fought for cheer-lyrics or steps or spots for practicing marching just for the sake of our yes-i-am-proud-to-be-Rubian/Emeraldian/Topazian/Sapphirean?? (lol) spirits?

Or or during YOU put on a sour face on your sweet kiddish look because SHE stole your favourite senior? Or YOU claimed SHE was betraying you by stealing your weyh-cutenyeee-budak-tu junior? Hahaha. Don't think you forget! :))

Well it's true WE ALL have our own lives now and LIFE should always MOVE ON. But come to think about it, are we agree to just let the memories go? What if we die tomorrow? Today? Or tonight? Or maybe right after we finish reading this? *Na'uzubillah....*

No I don't blame YOU for being busy. I understand the condition too. Besides, we ARE part of the world's history. We have our own agenda, we want the best for our own future, AND we're living life to the fullest! Mind you, I am too. But I know, sometimes, YOU think the same way just like Mimie and I did as well. Good to know then. So FRIENDS FOREVER? No. Seriously?? lol.

Yup. Jauh di mata, dekat di hati~~~


Dearest Readers, I know you have your own bittersweet during your schooldays too. Well, haven't you noticed how long have you been letting all those memories to slowly fading?
Like how long? Come on.. Let's count.
Um... One to three years ago? Five to seven years? What? Like 10 to 15 years, maybe?
Okay stop counting. lol.
Why not you write that down as well so we both can share? :)


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

I miss the smell of my own school... The dorm.. The class.. and even the toilet...~

farathiyah. said...

waaaa..very touching.

i miss school too )':

fifa said...

awwww. bring back memories lah. after dah lama tak baca blog ni. now you're writing abt Herculean. paling sempoi punya koleksi member wa pernah ada. it's funny how we keep returning to friends in highschool even after years had passed. the bond is still strong to date, i guess. alhamdulillah.

eh dude. free tak rabu ni thought of bkk puasa sama2 dgn few others. kat mid. jom lah! macam mana nak contact you?

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

yeah... indeed, i made my few fellows cried too, esp those who studies abroad. huu.. now i feel guilty. but yeah. that was real we cannot run from thinking of it ryte? i miss school too - and the life in it. the memories with u n others are still fresh as well sis..~

FIFAA!! finally u came here, afta a long "break"! what lah babe, busy calculating ke? hihihi.
nways, i rili appreciate u read my blog, which was quite surprising, honestly. hahah. last tyme i thought u were some kind of anonymous reader! LOL. blame me for that. rili sori.

HAHAHA. we're ALWAYS SEMPOI, no? yup, it's funny but it is true. somehow i ask myself how can that be possible too but true, it's da bond that connects us till today. and i'm rili glad we rili do.

p/s: owh yea abt dat, luckily u still hav my no.! ;))

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