Sunday, October 18, 2009


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 9:18 PM
Whatcha Think? 

It happened last Saturday and I freaked out.
My 8GB-full SE W980 suddenly blanked and I don't know why.
Maybe the processor or maybe because of the thousands folders packed inside.

Now I lost ALL the contact numbers in it.
*blame me, I forgot to copy them in the sim card!*

So do lessen my burden and grief by sending me your phone number to my e-mail, or at least message me at Facebook.
That means so much for me, seriously.

I hope my phone is okay by this week.
I've sent it to Sony Center and I pray hard they can help.
Never mind the lost folders later (luckily I've transferred most of them in my laptop though some latest ones I may regret not to transfer them earlier?) but as long as it is okay, I'll be totally fine.

You're my beloved phone of all,
so do survive baby!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Or should I wait for Sony SATIO...? Hahah.

-ajiem- said...

emm..sbar ye..hope die akn ok..
nk tkar satio pn ok jugk..hehe..

p/s: nk tkar jugk...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Abang: alhamdulillah dah okay. Mcm pkai hp baruuuu... (haish) ;P I wish I really can get that SATIO one day! Aceh. BB nak, SATIO nak, tamak sungguh daku ineh! ;DD

p/s: hee.. kite same2 tggu k... hik3.

-ajiem- said...

hp dh ok dh..hehe...skrg ni abg tgh brgaye ngn SE..hik3..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Abang: Hehehe.. Jaga dia leklok tau..

-ajiem- said...

mestilah abg jaga elok2..:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Abang: Thank u... X sabar nak peluk cium SE tu. hehe. Lame dah x jumpe~

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