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Thursday, October 5 – 11.40pm

On this Saturday, October 7 (today), my Standard 5 youngest sister will be enjoying herself exploring Malacca “Bandar Bersejarah”, following her school trip along with another 138 SK Satu students (do I sound like writing a report here?), rushing here and there visiting and buying souvenirs in just ONE day!

I heard they all have to come to school as early as 4a.m for you-know-what-and-why, which reminds me of my old unforgettable time during my Standard 6 year. You know, the eagerness every kid has (I really was a kid back then? I seriously thought I matured enough! LOL) days or maybe weeks before they really can ride on the particular bus. I would say it was one of the sweetest moments..., well… let just call it as the sweetest moment ever throughout my school-trip life.

Imagining my sister, Farah, waking up early, (as unusual as a child could possibly do – well at least, I was) feeling fresh, widely woken up by a strong get-up-and-get-ready-you-lazy-bum-you-are-going-to-Malacca! will; carrying a massive load at the back as she thinks she needs her big comfy pillow, more-than-one school wear, sweater and blanket (is she trying to set up a camp there, in the bus?); happily meeting her friends and best-est pals at the school canteen (maybe) while gathering together quite sleepy faced, yet freshen up with excitement. Aha… Honestly, that was more likely as writing down my own past memory…

Though it has been almost NINE years since the day itself, I vaguely remember every minute of the memorable experience; still I can proudly say I remember almost all. I remember my dad sending me to school and waited patiently until I got on the bus, (err… was my mum there too?) Hmm… I think maybe not because Farah was only 2 years old in 2000. Of course she could not come. Hold on. I think she did! Nah... I think she did not. Okay forget about that. Like that matters to you anyways, am I right?

I slightly remember there was a chill in the air that morning because it had been pouring hours before and continued to enviously pour down until the moment I stepped on the bus stairs. The dark sight from every corner did freak me out a little but I could not care less than being more engrossed by the thrill to tell the driver to quickly start the engine and move. At that point of time, I felt that that spine-tingling experience I was about to conquer was supposed to begin without any due. I still can picture myself walking in the bus to my own seat, booked by my sweet closest friends. We chatted and waited for those who were still absent to join in the bunch of the eager kids. Just then, too, I vividly can recall the person who got late on the bus, who was walking along the “alley” searching for seats, who was in front, who was at the back, to my right and what not. True. I remember them until today, and am proud of that.

I know I might get something wrong somewhere, but at least I have something inside, yes? My seatmate was Asyikin Azmi (Ikin); in front of me were Cikgu Jefri and Sir Azman (err… was it Sir Azman or Cikgu Azmi? Okay. 100% sure it was Sir Azman!); seating at the back were my kindest peeps, who booked our seats (it’s a kiddy thing; to book tables, seats, or lines for friends, don’t you think? – how adorable!), Azlina Nordin (Ina) and Muslihah Raffli (Mus) and wait a minute. Was it Mus who sat next to you, Ina? Or was it Aina? Okay, I believe it was Mus because that was a Prefect School Trip, wasn't it? To their right were Isznida Ismail (Gidan) and Liyana Roslan (Yana), true?

Oh, I mentioned every corner starting from my seatmate, to my front, back and their “neighbours”. Are you wondering who my “neighbours” were? I mean those who sat next to Ikin? Haha. I think these girls knew the answer! Um… Should I mention that too? You want to know who? Well, don’t push me because I’ll let you know no matter what. As chance would have it, it was my so-called closest boy friend of mine, 'Meme' (His nickname in primary) and his partner, Syafiq Shah (Wow! I remember Syafiq’s name, still?).

As I said, as chance would have it, he, they were sort of the last person to come and despite bringing the family along on the trip (a normal phenomenon to happen; from the person), there were no more seats left except my “ neighbours’”. So they, he, (don’t feel bad. I do notice I starting to narrow down the lane too) shyly be announced as my unofficial neighbours. There were many expressions then; excited, blushed, and surprised faces from every corner. They came out with a different reason, and I knew exactly what was that all about. I know I should not be writing down the memory lane so specific here as it goes out publicly than personally now but I suppose things were already past (Standard 6, duh!) and everyone matures enough to crack their smile reading this. I reckon, not every one of us remember exactly what happened. Mind limits, I don’t blame you.

Up to this point, I realized I did not mention anything about where the heck were we heading to, no? Gee… Excitement overshadows. Haha. Well, it was a trip to… (suddenly lost track; recollecting data – cable car.. snow house.. train.. dark.. lights…) *like I’m in comma or what?* okay, data restored. Hehe. Kuala Lumpur, of course! Where else would it be? KL KL KL. Hah. Can’t believe when I say KL is boring now. Nine years ago, with arrogance I can say I have went to KL and show off to Saridin or Jijie (which shows no standard to these innocent school gangsters – though I personally think they were actually cute! Haha) but now? Aha. You know what I mean.

Okay, back to the main story. Yeah, everything just as perfect as what I expected. Not to say that whatever happened was planned but the whole journey was meant to be pleasant all the way and it really was. Indeed. I enjoyed every moment in the bus (despite the flat tiring ride and numb a*s after that). Also, minus the gross-out teachers, well didn't mean to rude here, but I can puke anytime every time I recall Cikgu Jefri’s bad breath that morning later as we arrived somewhere to perform Subuh! Eww… Cikgu, I am very sorry to say that but I hate smokers. Moral of the story, never smoke when you were in the middle of something, which keeps you away from brushing teeth before you sleep! Gak! And yeah…. Thanks to that, your “Good Morning!” turned out my very lovely day to a baaaadd day… Gak Gak Gak!

I accidentally lost my purse (with the only pocket money my parents gave me for the trip in there) at Masjid Negara and luckily, Mus (I remember you helped me found it under my seat, after we settled praying – still can imagine the nervousness and the sweaty uniforms; I prayed hard in front of the “masjid”. Haha) tried to calm me down and search for it. Close enough to break my tears (I hardly cry in front of my classmates – was seen as a tough girl, and fierce too; an Assistant of Head Prefect! You expect me to cry? Haha. Ego, yes? Shh!! Don’t tell them how was I at home). Lalalalala.

The only sweetest things happened which I refuse to delete them from my memory box was that the happiness we all shared together, passing round a packet of chickadees (and I remember it was Gidan’s because they cheered loud when it reached 'Meme' – Gidan had a huge crush on him years before that *cannot specify exact period; might get killed!*). Too, I gleefully joined in the crowd as I enjoyed watching my used to be closest boy friend to shyly took it and munched it. Even now I am smiling while typing this. Recalling back the thoughts of it really gives me both sighs and smiles. Indeed.

Not to mention, the sweet, sweet part inside the bus where everyone had fell asleep. I, as the old time owl-timer and batgirl (instead of batman), caught a glimpse of someone who was watching me! Oh no... I smile again. Okay. It was dark. Of course, it was already two to 3a.m; no one would want to watch the Hindustan movie anymore so the television was turned off. I was not a can-fall-asleep-while-on-the-ride kind of person so I stayed awake for almost the whole night. Or morning. Whichever you want to call it. There was no sound of anything. No one was talking, singing or flicking through magazine – (okay was that possible?) except for my cutest Asyikin who snored loud (I believe she was d*mn tired?), mixing up with Cikgu Jefri’s, Sir Azman’s, and one or two male students’ which they successfully created a remix version of it (it was so unbelievable that the rest of my friends, especially boys did not snore! – or maybe they did, but the hush hush ones).

I admit I was quite annoyed by all the snores (Ikin, you are still cute no matter what). Imagine myself being trapped in the middle of that horrifying feast… Could I still sleep? Haha. Yes, I could. Only two hours before we were woken up. Oh, did I mention about how innocent we were to get the right time to take off our hijab on the first night? Haha. 12-year-old girls, and we hesitated to open our hijab in front of the boys was a pure compliment man. Still, we did. After that, it was a complete shameless. (Erk! Was that a correct word? Haha)

Okay, back to the eye-spy person. See, I still smile whenever I mention this! How joyful our childhood was, wasn’t it? Innocent and clean. Cute and childish. Most importantly, it was love-less. Only crushes and admires. Nothing else that makes it complicated. True? Okay, enough of that sore thingy. So he was watching me. He was secretly watching me and of course, I did not notice. (I said SECRETLY. Doesn’t that obvious? Haha. – Sorry, I'm overjoyed writing this.) I did not know how long had it been, (I have no clue until now) but that feeling; being watched – definitely not stalking!, did give me sort of a wake-up call to turn right and caught him staring. As soon as he realized I caught him ‘red-handed’, quickly he looked away. Didn’t that obvious too? Or actually, what I was going to say was, “Didn’t that CUTE too?” Smile smile smile smile smile. Maybe it was a coincidence. I turned around, he turned around, eyes met and we both timid. Yes? But actually, it was quite a couple of times. Hehe. Cute cute cute cute cute. No worries, we had already spent time talking about this personally. It was true.

What’s more the moment where we were on the watchamacallit? The cable car. Err… Was it cable car? The train we use to tour Sunway City? I lost track. My bad. Oh, nothing particular happened except the cramped train with super high anxiousness to be fell off from its rail to a sudden death. I remember myself praying; repeatedly saying my “selawat” and “syahadah”. Haha. Too, the moment where everyone was super excited to get free ice creams whichever they wanted, regardless the types and prices as kindly sponsored by his mother. I remember taking the not-more-than-two-ringgit ice cream. Just around one fifty or less. Sweet heart, yes? Hehe. The time we girls chased out the boys because we said we wanted to change our clothes in the bus and some boys were peeping from outside (I strongly reckon that). Also the time where we had fun freezing our nose in the snow house, etc etc. Smile. Such a memory… How should I forget?

P/s: 7 and a half years of writing diaries proven my brain to store everything I used to write well.

Pp/s: It’s a walk down memory! Don’t blame me.


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

I SALUTE YOU for reading ALL!! ;))

Bended said...

Hahaha... weii..
ko mengingatkan kembali memory zaman persekolahan kita la :)
Very sWeet memory..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Ina: mmg sweet... cute2 je.. sbb tu x ley lupe ;) tp xde gmba ley letak.. huhu. sayang~

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