Thursday, December 8, 2011


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Whatcha Think? 
Dear Bloggy,

Today (at 4pm), we'll be having a quiz on Preposition.
It is our second quiz for Foundation English.
*you don't know where I am now, do you?*

Yes, the quiz itself sounds so simple.
Remember when we were young, our teachers taught us PREPOSITIONS?
"The book is on the table."
"Ali is sitting next to Salmah."
"Starbucks is in front of the T.G.I. Friday's."

Okay, ignore the third sentence.
Like that ever happened.

Yeah... Those were the days..
However, I bet this time wont be as easy as the ones we learnt in primary school. If yes, EVEN BETTER!
What I am trying to say is, not that I think I can't score this quiz but to be honest, I can feel that tiny bit of pressure on me already! WHY? Well I (surprisingly) scored flying colours on Quiz 1 (for this subject, of course) and I personally did NOT expect I could get perfect 10!

The quiz was on grammar.... Guess what has changed after that?
Yes, and I certainly do not like it. Ever since that day my friends started to look up to me and whenever there is a quiz, they think I should have no problem in getting full marks!
*anyway i'm humbled*

So... Wish me luck Bloggy!
I'll try my best too.
No pressure.


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