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iPhone 4S vs Galaxy Note

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Whatcha Think? 
Okay, so I have a confession to make:

There, I said it.

Some of you may already know this but yes, I am a gadget-freak. And proud to be one. Haha. But I'm not the kind who normally buys this or that just because I want to. Or because it is the latest gadget in the market so I have to have one. NO. I am a very particular person so whatever that I chose to have now, I can assure you that it was decided after long and thoughtful considerations, not to mention thorough research. Yes, you read it right. When it comes to gadgets, unlike clothes or handbags, acknowledging the fact that I will be using them for years to come, I sure want only the best.

Galaxy Note or iPhone 4S? Which one?
Source: CNET

See how the iPhone looks like a toy next to this beast!
Source: Phone Arena

Some people think that gadget junkies are those who tend to have every in-thing whichever that is offered following the trend, which is partially true. Oh, I'm not talking about phones specifically; it can be cameras, Bluetooth headsets, laptops, GPS, or even humongous things like LCD TVs. So in terms of mobile phones, honestly, I'm on the opposite side. Technology has changed greatly, even in the recent years. It is growing at a rapid rate of speed that normal humans can no longer keep up. Today you buy an Apple iPhone and feeling great about it, but the next day you see someone with a giant Samsung Galaxy Note and suddenly you think your iPhone seems somewhat outdated.
I'm just saying.


Having said that, I always go for the one with a complete package and an extra "umph" point in which other phones don't have. So my way of choosing a phone requires these personal characteristics:

# A phone which can last for more than three years without looking old-fashioned.*yes, a loyal user. I love to stick to one phone*

# A phone which is a head-turner, and will still be for years to come. *sometimes I love to have that attention - but not in trains*

# A phone which can capture high-quality photos and videos. *mind you, not all phones with the highest megapixel take good photos*

# A phone with a crazy-fast processor and super fine screen. *I surf A LOT and well, let's just say I'm fussy like that. I'm a gadget-freak?*

# A phone which has a friendly-user interface and a smooth commendable responsive touch screen. *the iPhone OS is unbeatable*

# A phone with a huge capacity; battery and storage. *simply can't live without a phone. Texting, tweeting, Facebook-ing, surfing, YouTube-ing*

Well, just to point a few.
*you don't wanna know the rest. haha*


I would love to reminisce about the phones I had before ever since my teenage years (funny how 8-year-olds these days have iPads!) but not today. Now let's get back on track. Hehe.

Which one is yummier?
The white Galaxy Note (*AT&T version) or the iPhone 4S?

So I've been thinking lately whether or not to switch my iPhone 4 to one of these two. Like always, I've done countless research about them; I watched endless reviews on YouTube; read so many articles about the pros and cons of both phones; anxiously, yet patiently asking people about these high-end s*ckers, but in the end, I still can't make up my mind. Tough call, really. Though I have to admit, I can't wait to be the owner of one of these!

"Come to mama!"

If you are an iPhone user, or an Apple fan, and have never tried an Android phone before, you're on the same page as me. Maybe I'll do a review on the Note someday, who knows? Something to share, right?


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