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Whatcha Think? 
"When a celebrity wears something no matter how ridiculous it looks, it's FASHION. But when a regular person wears something similar, it's a CATASTROPHE."

Has anyone ever said something like that to you? Or maybe you have heard or read it somewhere, you know, from any sources? I bet you have. What ticks me off is the fact that WE, this so-called "regular people" have to have that some sort of barriers of what we want to wear while celebrities get that extra privilege in wearing anything they like. Mismatched colours, baggy outfits, street fashions and mix and match styles, well just to name a few.

Say, Rihanna.

A cropped electric blue jacket, a purple Sonia Rykiel jumper, and a yellow handbag. Like, "Whatever right? I think this combination looks great and I LOVE IT!"

Look at Tyra.

A girly pink, green, and blue one-shoulder colour block catsuit!
"Hello, talk about boldness and confidence!"

Heidi Montag?

A buttery maxi dress and a fuchsia handbag! Whaddya say about that?
*though I have to say, that bag looks FAB!*

Oh wait, how about this?

Obviously this one screams, "WHO CARES??"

Imagine US, in such outfits.
Oooh I hear whisperings...


So those are about colours.

You know, I'm not saying that their styles are wrong in fashion. Who am I to judge? One thing is for sure, fashion is about showing your individualism. It is about choosing things that you think are fashionable, and that fit your personal sense of style. And trends, too.

Okay, so let's move on to an even tricky business like sequin dresses.
Three words: Shiny, Jazzy, and Classy.

Traditionally, this outfit is worn at night as an evening wear, during a very special occasion. Not anymore. It's the ultimate bling, yes, so it has to be paired with caution - to avoid looking like a walking Christmas Tree. Well, I sure can talk about this for days but that's not actually my point.

Take Beyonce, for example.
A sequin dress, a casual top and a leather jacket.

Or Paula Patton.

A gold sequin Moschino dress, a small black belt, and a leather jacket.

Oh, how about Heidi Klum?

A sequin tank and scarf, a blazer, dark skinny jeans and black patent pumps.

So what say you? Do they all look stylish to you? Of course, right? Because they are celebrities. Whatever they wear looks perfect. Like, so in, so cool, yadayadayada.


Why do you think I bring this subject up, anyway? Say thanks to this one particular MAKCIK (aunt), whom I happened to walk past her once when I was shopping at MV. Or was it Sunway? KLCC? Oh never mind. Good thing I have already forgotten her face. See, that day I was wearing my black sequin dress. Here's another confession: I'm not a fan of anything sequin-y but I thought I should have at least one in my wardrobe so I gave it a try. I used to wear the dress before when I was going out with boo and my friends and I'm telling you, they all LOVED it!

A black sequin dress, a cropped open puff sleeve blazer, black skinny jeans, a cute ruffle crossbody bag, and gladiator heels. "Glam rock, baby!"

Since I'm a hijab-er, I opted for that look. I think I looked chic, decent, definitely not OTT. What could go wrong with that, right?

The second time I wore this dress, I paired it with my favourite Hello Skinny jeans, just for experiment's sake. Yes I only have one sequin dress, hehe.

SADLY though, there was this typical traditional lady who, I don't know, thought that sequin dresses are only for clubbing and parties commented about my style to his husband. I didn't hear her well because she kind of mumbled it but I could hear her saying, "Ey, nak pergi kelab ke.." and I was like OUCH!?

If I could translate that in English, she'd probably sound like this: "Ew, WTH is she thinking? If you wanna go clubbing then this isn't the place!" Like WHAT THE HECK, right? It was a mall, lady. Not Pasar Malam or some sort. And it's not like I wore the dress alone? Worst of all, we were so close. How stup*d was that? So I literally turned around and gave her a sharp look, which made her startled.

I wonder what she'd say if I wore this.
Sequin pants by Lukas
Looks pretty, indeed. But I won't wear such bottom. Reminds me of snakes.

I'm fine with criticisms but that was utterly rude. How could you accuse someone who wears the same kind of headwear as clubber? Typical Malays. You know, even if you disagree with someone else's sense of style, it's best if you keep it to yourself first. Or at least think before you speak. Boy I was boiling, that I couldn't handle. I swear because of that nasty comment she made, I sulked for almost two hours. It bugged me so much. Then I thought "Well, let's just assume that she doesn't read enough magazines."


The thing is, what is it that differs the PEOPLE and CELEBRITIES in terms of styling? What makes them special in a way that "regular people" don't?

Why can't the PEOPLE wear shades in a mall, but CELEBRITIES can?
Why can't WE wear mismatched colours outfit, but CELEBRITIES can?

One day you are dressing up Harajuku style, people might call you crazy. Then they see Gwen Steffani rocking it, they call it pretty.

I'm just saying.

Style is style. You either have it or you don't. If you can't take the heat then stay out of the kitchen. Just because you dislike an outfit or someone's entire style, doesn't mean that they are doing it wrong. But of course there are the rights and the wrongs in styling (err... Gaga?) but why do people always think that only celebrities can make an outfit pretty? It's basically the same ideas. Even brands, maybe! So why is it that the style of a celebrity is actually FASHION and ours is just TRAGIC? Hm?

Something to ponder.


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