Saturday, March 24, 2012


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 10:45 AM
Whatcha Think? 
Okay, just forget the title.
But seriously, I think I need to go hiking or something and meditate because clearly, right now my mind is all over the place!

Lately, I tend to forget where I put things (keys especially!) and worst of all, I sulked over silly arguments quite often (well they weren't really arguments actually, I chose to think like they were). Like, JEEZ. What's gotten into me?

I think I need a break from this so-called "reality"; go out and have some fun. I'm talking about shopping (OR window shopping), movies, spas and karaoke all in one day. *oh gosh, HEAVEN!* This "reality" world where I'm living now is just so agonizing and dare I say, this place is no longer my comfort zone.

I need a new place.
A new house.
A new room.
A new partner.



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