Saturday, December 22, 2012


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 7:09 AM
Whatcha Think? 
There's just sooooo many things on my to-buy list right now and it's driving me nuts!

I mean it. The pressure is piling up slowly, but greatly I don't think I can live anymore.

It's like back in the days where we thought 50 cents candies were expensive that all we could do was poked our dear parent, put on a sulky face and stomped our feet just so they bought the candies for us.

I feel so useless.
Pathetic, really.

I mean, what is worse than being lusted over more and more stuff each and every single day and you have no money? SAD, right?
Life as a student (with no money) s*cks!!


wawaroxx said...

Why your blog is sooo cuteeee? >.<

wawaroxx said...

Exmisedi 4293

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

@wawaroxx: Aww thanks love! :'D

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