Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Gold iPhone 5S: You Like?

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Whatcha Think? 
This is one of the things that makes me appreciate Apple products.
Everyone wants to be part of them; a great market for all.
A matching set?

Coach Campbell Floral iPhone 5 case

Coach Campbell Floral iPad Mini case

I love the colour combo!
Too bad I don't own any of those..
I wish they also had these for the 4S and iPad 4th Gen.

Psh. Now THIS is that one thing that irks me about technology. They make a new one, they forget the old one. Though I know my 4S is sooo last year-ish (was hoping for a bigger screen like 4.5" or 5.3" when the 5 came out) but yeah, that didn't happen, unfortunately.

The latest iPhone 5S sure looks oddly tall and small, but I discovered three awesome features from it when I finally laid my hands on the gold version a couple of weeks ago which I, too, cannot hate:

- stunning 8MP iSight camera
(even Nat Geo photographer ditched his Nikon for this!)

- gorgeous Retina display (as always)

- unbelievably thin and lightweight
(despite the fact that it's fully metal-and-glass covered!)

But that Touch iD feature (how-to: here) fails to amaze me, really. And if I may add, the so-called gold covered iPhone is actually not that impressive. I mean, it's just plain aluminium coloured gold (source: here). At certain angle, you can't really see it. But don't get me wrong. I like it. I do. When Apple decided to come out with this gold version, it was my dream came true. It's just that I think they could do better than this. And if you already own one, lucky you.

But imagine if they made the phone like these two:
Whoaaaaaahhh gold-gasm!
Solid gold worth $100k

Swarovski covered worth $4k

My definite answer will be:
"Tengok jelah mampuuuu wuuuuuu.."
*sambil lap air mata hingus leleh-leleh dengan hujung baju*


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