Monday, April 20, 2009


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Whatcha Think? 
(to not hurting anyone's feeling, I shorten the text by saying....)

I AM FREE....!!!!!
(that still hurt though, doesn't it?)

OK, so I've moved out from the previous house, which was quite not feeling like home for me into the house which I think is the cosiest so far.

Let's see... I bought;

# a new single bed
(though it's rather hard 'cause I don't buy a thick mattress to cover the hardness, yet it is still comfortable);
# a new malfunctioning-only-at-the-No.1-button table stand
(which is of course needing me to change it to a functioning one ASAP);
# a striking pink comforter and its matching bedsheet
(had to as I think bussiness people find PURPLE isn't in high-marketing demand);
# some PURPLE wrappers as a wallpaper
(can I shake hands with whom manufactured these?);
# a small kids-learning-ABC table for study purpose
# and most importantly, the priceless friendliness!
(so true!)

And here is the results of my creativity (credits must be for me, for sure!)

(Mr.Bean's tone)

What do you think?


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...


I don't think I can make my bed so STUNNINGLY SNUG!

P/s: $$$$$$ paid off~

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