Sunday, April 19, 2009


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Whatcha Think? 
(sorry this will take much of your time to finish reading as I have words to spit out)

I know I should have posted this 5 days ago, which was...

- with an excited, high-raising tone - .. the day I bought "IT"! Huhu.

But due to my very-busy-with-moving-out-to-a-new-house-and-thus-having-no-time-to-update-this-blog kind of circumstances that I didn't have the time to tell you about this latest, overjoyed and very heart-jumping news!! (haha) I do sound excited, don't I?
So, here is what I want to say.

This is ABSOLUTELY a dream came true.. Thank God so much for granting my prayer. Huhu. Tell you what, I honestly couldn't sleep well days after I had to see everyone looking at the same gadget I wished to buy without doing anything! I was worried that I won't be able to own it as there were limited units left (only 2 to 3 units)! Yikes!

And undoubtedly, 'God does hear every of our prayers'. That is why on Monday itself, after settling my new semester registration, it was blissful day and a wonderful start that I soon encountered I could then AFFORD to immediately fulfill my dream!

So GO ANA! GO ANA! GO! GO! GO! (haha) At night, I made a call and a reservation (yippiee!!) and TADAAA...!!


Went back to MID on Wednesday and redeemed my..

HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC

And here goes like, ....."WAHAHAHAHA.." (making ShinChan's favourite act when he watches Action Kamen "Bibibibibibibi!") =P

P/s: Thanks again Abg for bringing me there (even though you had to rush to work as it was your night-shift turn) and carrying the heavy stuffs I bought (a HP printer and a Wimax modem, too!).

Pp/s: To Aida, I thank you for the patience waiting for this to be posted (whom ended up sleeping, before she could even read this! -it's already 3.30am, come on!- hahaha).
Ppp/s: No need to tell me that I wrote a lot!
Pppp/s: 'cause I AM DAMN HAPPY!!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Still can't believe I'm actually TYPING this using my dream-come-true lappie!!

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