Thursday, April 23, 2009


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Yesterday Fit called. She told me that there is a Warehouse Sale going on at Stadium Melawati for FOUR DAYS and she sounded so excited because she said she wanted so much (I guess.hehe) to buy some t-shirts.

I wasn't that keen to go there and buy something for myself as I realized I just bought so many things recently, especially CLOTHES. So today we went there and went out dizzy as it was so crowded with people and thank God there wasn't a Confession Of A Shopaholic scene; (when Becky fought for life for a nice pink Gucci boots - I remember.haha).

All the noises, heat, stuffs - I mean, LOADS of stuffs starting from an undergarment until the biggest bedspread and comforter and the most expensive handbags and perfumes priced much less than what I expected!

And here comes the actual HEAT. It was when Fit showed me this very dazzling PURPLE Polo Handbag which made my stomach flipped over! OH.MY.GOD. That's GORGEOUS!

It took me less than 5 minutes to say YES! haha. Besides, I was ACTUALLY looking for the right handbag, an eye-catching one, since I don't have any. Err... ------**

My lust was then been tested as I saw so many CLOTHES, which the like I always be crazy for (as what Lyn often said, those with "serabut" pattern. HAHA).

My early plan which was to only buy at least two to three items ended up.....

The first thing I couldn't say NO! (Thanks Fitty! Huhu)
I am SO going to keep this till I'm old!
(--- or till I get a new one.HAHA)

I can't go back shopping only for myself - Couldn't decide between these two, end up buying both! Hope you like these, Abang!

And as promised; for Abangah and Ayong.

Then I found out the VCDs are super cheap!

And of course for ME too! --- err...THREE..? Hahaha. Blame me, I JUST LOVE CLOTHES! (Told you, all "serabut"!)So these are obviously MINE (hehehe)

F.Y.I, this shirt was the last grab I made without second thought.

It's a sale! I can't say NO!?

All I want to say now is,
"Walked in pokerfaced, walked out bliss faced!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

" 'Cause I.AM.SUPERWOMAN..." lalalala...(singing happily)

JuJuAimaN said...

OMG!! u really ARE a shopaholic! ><

Anonymous said...

ya allah
gle shpng:)
asl xajk?

♥ lurveinme ♥ said...

masyaAllah. *geleng.geleng*

kemain tau membeli belah.
untuk i xde ke?

yaYAH said...

huii. i wanted to go with my mum there.
chantek2 belaka :D

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To JuJu: i just REALIZED that too! ...(a slap on my face) AS IF.hahaha.

To aida: haha.sorry sis, didn't have enough breath to tell you that day. ;P

To lurveinme a.k.a izzette: hihihi..told you, i wasn't planned for that either!

To yaYAH a.k.a farah: TAU XPE! ;)

P/s: there's a doubt to start posting this comment as... -speed tone- ijustboughtsomeshoes! FULLSTOP.

-ajiem- said...

byk nye membeli belah...mesti berat ble nk bw yg best tu sbb ade utk abang..hik3...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To abang: hehe...berat rase puas :) can't wait to give you and let you see yours!

syazana said...

alang..i couldnt recall any of moments we had during shopping trip back in schooldays that u are shopaholic. hehe.. nways i miss u and u know thattttt

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Yea, I can't recall myself as being THIS "freaky" either!

Oh well I know why, it's the environment, you know what I'm saying. Hehe.

Let's put it this way..
Things changed. Ahaks! ;P

And yea, seriously, I MISS YOU TOO!!

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