Sunday, May 10, 2009


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Whatcha Think? 
  • Are your eyes twisted when you see so many baby-techs born the moment you blink them in a second? Do you feel tensed looking at your 5-month-new cellphone that doesn't look like the one-step-ahead gadget compared to others anymore?

  • Well never mind 'cause I'm facing the same situation as you too. Instead, there are thousands of people who have this problem.

  • Just remember, human can never beat technology. I mean, when you wake up today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, there will always be new inventions stored in the market.

  • So, do not feel underestimated by the lies they (the technologies) have given you. The latest gadget will never stay ahead among all. 3.5G, Wi-fi connection, gigantic storage etc. It's the satisfaction you'll endure that matters. (Wah, now I talk like a pro! --- or a market merchandiser!) Hahaha.
  • Like me, I'm really keen to own one of the Blackberry model phones. Not that I am desperately wanting it, but to get the one that really satisfies me is quite difficult. I'm a fussy person, to be frank (especially when it involves clothings and high-tech items). So I always get myself connected to what's new and what's available, kind of things.

  • Besides, I even have a dream of setting up my own machines shop, labeling my own brand and inventing my own creations. But hey, that is totally 12.5% achievable. Haha.

  • So herein, I have these two models I'm interested with. I heard they both provide great competitions among each other. I let my ears sucking all the fuss about them and now, I'm eagerly wanting to share with you the pros and the cons of these similar-look Blackberry phones.

  • This video lends you some easy-to-compare information regarding this. It's a simple, yet an understandable must-watch. I hope you can play it at your own PC ;)

  • Off the playing song first!~

Helping You Out For A Better Satisfaction by aN_Na The Expert.


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Blackberry Bold...
Wait till I come and run my finger on you! (wahahaha)

-ajiem- said...

waaaaa...i want it too..huhu...wait for me...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

We'll definitely go and buy it TOGETHER, for each one of us!
Don't worry! ;)
-rase bsemangat lak.haha-

-ajiem- said...

Tp xde yg brkenan Blackberry..huhu...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said... tau nnti after kite tgk same2,abg TERbekenan lak kew..hihi..

-ajiem- said...

Hopefully..hehe..kalo bleh,nk yg support video call n MMS..tu yg sush nk cr tu...huhu...

raihan said...

oh god!!! im buying bb curve next week or two!! wohooooo~ lets bb togthr captain ;)))

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To abang:
It's okay. we just need to wait for the time to come.., go with the flow... n BAMM!!
It's YOURS!~~ ;))

To raihan:
Okay I'm dead jealous! Huhu.
Luckily yours will be Curve. (x lah jeles sgt) hehe.
Never mind, don't forget to roger me how's the BB Curve treats you!
Chaiyok Rehan! XD

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