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12 MAY 2009

Oh my...
I'M 21 TODAY!!? (huhu)

How time flies...
I thought I was only turning 17! Haha.
Last time I remembered I was proudly becoming a super senior at school and truely fresh in the flesh as a pure sweet teen and with a blink of an eye, NOW I'm just entering another year of 21!

Well, yea, people always said that 21st year is the year which you will get keys for freedom.
Is that so?

Well lets see...
I'm 21 today, and I still can't drive a car.
I'm 21 today, and I still don't have a licence.

I'm 21 today, and I still don't know how to ride a motorcycle.
I'm 21 today, and I still need to seek permission from my parents.
I'm 21 today, and I still can't hold a credit card. *for God's sake, NO!*
I'm 21 today, and I still don't get my MyVI SE! *ALERT! ALERT!* (Wahaha)
I'm 21 today, and I'm blabbering like an aunt. (Pfft!)

So... Any freedom anyone?
Well at least YOU readers are lucky than me.
I can bet at least you have a car licence! (Pity me!)
**Feel shy especially with my grown-up juniors. Huhuhu**

Anyway, never mind though.
With or without a car licence doesn't assure you to be a good human being, am I right?

So all I can say is that I'm so glad and thankful to be me.
To be honest, I didn't expect that I can get MOST OF EVERYTHING I aimed for in the year I'm gaining this new dimension of life.
My sleek handset and irri-TWIST-able laptop I craved for, to name few. (huhu)
And soon to come, the funnest iPod on earth ever (my birthday gift! Yippie!).
In fact, I should really be thankful with what I already have, no?

I'm hoping my life in the 21st year will contribute more dresses, err... I mean, more blesses and sweet memories (and stuffs too!) *I mean this so much.haha* while I'm struggling to improve my pointer in achieving the real dream I reach the sky for.

So for all today's birthday girls/boys,

P/s: I had a wonderful 21st birthday celebration; will let you know in my upcoming post! Thank you for reading! ;)


Anonymous said...

ko tak yah susah amek lesen alang..ko jd voss aka boss..hired driver jer..hahaha

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Menarik jgk idea tuh!
X terpikey lak.
Dpt lak BMW or Beetle sebijik, then de driver lak.
Masyuk.. Masyuk.... *berangan-angan*

P/s: Tp kalo Beetle, bwk sndiri lah. Br stylo! Hoho.

farathiyah. said...

i think im the last person who wished you happy birthday.
no creds lah. that's why. =(

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

It's ok.. Not that late lah sys ;)
There were some, after you so cheer up! (hehe)
Still, thanks so much 4 the thought!

Anonymous said...

mlm td cm call pkl 12 tau
tp,phne org tu cm off jek:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Sorry sys, 'busy" hehe..
But I apprecite you called.
Thanks! ;)

si mill said...

btol2..beetle bwk sndrk a style!

hepy belated birthday alang!!


-ajiem- said...

Happy birthday...
Im still waiting update from Apple. I rili hope i can give it to u as soon as possible..:)

p/s:Dun need a licence cz u have a special driver..guess who?hik3...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To millie:
Hihi.. aah2!
"betol betol betol!"
N thanks for the wish Mill! ;)

To abang:
Yea, I hope for that too.. Can't wait to hold it firm in my hands as the owner. Huhu.

P/s: Owh rili? Hikhik. THAT special driver I know wont have to pay, so HURRAY for me! (^,^) Thanks so much abang~~

-ajiem- said...

Ur most welcome baby..hehe..
Ur special gift is on its way to Malaysia..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Apart from the theft thingy,
I still want to shout,
Can't wait to see it shines~ (huhu)

mizztina21 said...

happy belated birthday.huhu
am soo sorry syg.
tade credt.siyesly.
cam cliche.ek?but dats what really happen.hu.sowie(-_-'')
semoge happy n ceria2 slalu mcm farhana yg ku knl;)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To tinah:
Hihi..it's ok ;)
Dah wish nih pun dah hepi dah.hee..
Thanks so much for da thought!
Rinduuu sgt sweet moments kite~~ (huhu)
I will alwiz be (^,^)

Liyana Roslan said...


1st of all, i nak ucap heppy belated birthday 2 u Anna..
ekcelli i dah lama notice u punya blog, sorry 4 not droppin any comment here, damn busy lots of worksss..

2ndly, oh wow~ haha~~
kamu berdua berpacaran ya..anyhow congrates..xsangka ye..teringat plak zaman sekolah dolu2...hihihi~~ tumpang gembira tuk kamu berdua..

ok, minta diri dlu..dadaaaa~~

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To liyana:
Hoho.. It's okay.
But still, thanks for the wish ;)
Anytyme free, you can always check out my blog. Hee.
Very much pleasure *wink wink*

Owh.. Actually, we WERE. Heh.
Yea, so remind me of our childhood memories..
Anyway, thanks for dropping in too!
Miss you~~ (^,^)


Hefy Belated Buffday dear!


Soping sakan on ur pleasure month nie..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To fatimoist:
Huhu.. Tq Tq! -hepy gile got someone supports my shoppin' activity!- ;))
N yea, I rili am (for sho) hehe..

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