Friday, May 1, 2009


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 2:22 AM
Whatcha Think? 
Few days ago I went through this web page, (it's an e-shop spot) and I found THESE!
The last pair they have online (Size 8)
NICE huh?
No. I mean, D*MN NICE!!
-Hahahaha (evil laugh)-
While this one, (Fitty said if I buy this, I cannot wear it in front of her).
Not comfy though, I've tried it.
So Fitty dear, I say, "BAEK....."

And also this one.
(Mario Winans song plays)
"How do I breathe.... Oh ohh.."
"How do I breathe... Yeahh.."
Tremendously CHIC.
I need air!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

I really think that skechers is stunningly pretty!

Ergghh.... (sbb xdpt nk beli lagi)

WAAAAA... nnti abeh!!~ (T.T)

fitto said...

wahahahah...skecher cali....AWWW!!!

gla style...

as ur financial advisor (aceyh...=P) skechers cali x semahal skechers yang...


ps: buy it as a reward 4 tade aa rs guilty blanja bnyk2...emm reward sbb result ok ke..reward sbb berjaya dtg kelas pagi ke..ekekeke =P

-ajiem- said...

uish..cantik nye yg adidas tu..mmg smart ble pkai...:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To fitto:
OMG you gave me your aprroval!!?
GO ANA! GO ANA! -excited2-
And for the reasons you suggested tuh, >>> bgn pagi eh? Hahaha.

To abang:
Smart kan? Huu.. Naek juling mata tgk. Terliur jew.. Hoho. Cane nih? Cane nih? -nada cemas-

To fitto & abang:
Ahh sudah...
Which one should I go for??
Oxygen! Oxygen!

fitto said...

haha..adidas 2 smart gak..

mmm..sbg fashion advisor anda (aceyh..tkr2 plak..=P) sy rs adidas 2 cantik tp kurang sket la dgn personality kamu.ianya seperti kelakian skit. (jgn marah abg ajiem)

manakala skechers cali 2 pula lebih sesuat dgn personaliti kamu yg 'serabot'.

xpon mcm ni,skechers ada k-red by skechers.yg 2 cun gak.n ade lg skechers love.cun.n as i remember dia mmg ada kaler purple.(ambassador sume tahu =P)tp xtaw ada lg or x.cek aa on9.

ps:adidas 2 mmg cm xseswai je ngn kamu..

pps: aahh..sukati kamulah...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...


Well, I've double-checked regarding Skechers Cali tuh and guess what?
Shipping dia lg mahal dr kasot! Pfft!

And I don't think it's available in Malaysia. No?
Makanya, macam x dapek jew. Isk isk.

Nways, I'll try to search for others.
Thank you, my fashion advisor! ;P

P/s: Jd ke oii nak kuar? Sonyap jo. If not ley tros usha. Haish~

-ajiem- said...

emm..xde rezeki nk bli yg tu..xpe,nnti kite cr ye..

syazana said...

add me in ym pleaseeee..
gtalk pun ok.
lots catchups to do :
ym : star_gurl0210
gtalk: lunabellatrix

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To abang: Yippiee!!! I'm back ALIVE! Hahaha.

To syazong: Done! ;)

FIFA RZ said...

skechers have been the ground for my sole for five years now. it's not about the outlook. neither do the comfy. ntah lah, they just fit me well, i guess.

and well, baru je beli kasut jgn nak gedik beli baru eh. amboi amboi.

-ajiem- said...

garangnye comment yg atas ni..hehe...x leh ye nk bli kasut br?hik3..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Err.. I think I did say to FITTO I won't buy it cause it ain't available in M'sia..?
But don't worry, if I do, I won't steal your money to buy the being-on-your-sole-for-five-years shoes ;)

To abang:
Hurmm.. Entah.
Someone who cares...? (being polite. Huhu)
I'll go to the opposite then! Hah.

si mill said... dh beli blum alang? haha! xhbs2 shopping..bru beli kasut..amboi..amboi.. <--jd fifa!

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To millie:
Not yet buy it.
Cuz rase cam x jumpe je kt mesia.
Tp serious kasot tu muwwah!(huhu..sayang nyee..) byk2 pon ade pekdah pe..heee..-tsengih yg menjulur lidah-

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