Thursday, April 30, 2009


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 11:59 PM
Whatcha Think? 
Since the day I went back from Pavilion, I lost my very own voice and I don't know why.
The next day I woke up, I felt tense in my voice and soon I realized it was definitely GONE!
Later I figured out that my throat sore, and I just couldn't stop myself from coughing out loud.
(Well now is the time to create a new IM word. Not L.O.L but C.O.L)
It is now entering the fifth day of i-am-not-feeling-well-teacher
(a common reason for not completing homework during schooldays)
and yet, I'm still mute!
Okay, not that I am totally mute,
(oh God, I'm sorry I didn't mean to bicker your Faith)
but I really want my voice back.
It's like, when I want to say,
"You have something on your teeth"
I will probably sound like this;
Last week I had a fever and this time around,
Isk isk.
This is the reason why I took time to update my blog;
Unable to show my face in the class that my classmates were questioned,
"Eh Ana! Long time no see!"
"Ana, I think this is the first time I see you in this semester."
Yes, sick. I am sick.
I had to repeat my words twice whenever I spoke to my friends.
I had to clear my throat first everytime I wanted to say something.
I make the house alive with the unstoppable coughing sounds.
And just now I had to double said my order at the KFC counter.
God please, I really want back to normal.
I want to attend my classes as what a student should do.
I had this promise that I don't want to break.
To myself, and to the person I compromised with.
Power up my antibody so this chesty cough will go away.
Let me fulfill my dream.
It's painful.


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

(no comment cause no tone)


-ajiem- said...

emm...abg sntiasa mndoakn my baby agar cpat sembuh n leh gi klas as usual..
jgn lupe mkn ubat tau..:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...


Thank you... ;)
I will tp ubat dah nak abeh..huhu..

syazana said...

alangggg..get well soon. looks like eerybody calls you anna now. but still u are my sweet arelunk ok. friends forever :) mmmmmmuuuuaaaahhhhhh

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Thanks syazong!
Yea, they call me Anna these days.
Never mind, that differs them to my shweet-shweet ladies from SSP!
And I will not stop calling you "SYAZONG" too! ;)


-ajiem- said...

how are u feeling today baby?

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To abang:
I'm doing GOOOOOODD... (that's because you came here today! Yeayy!)

-ajiem- said...

good news for u baby...u know what?hehe...

May 08, 2009
Kuala Lumpur -Malaysia
Arrived at DHL facility in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To abang:
HAPPY nyee...!!!
(sambil melompat kegirangan)

Thank Goodness!
Thanks alot abang.
X sabar nak dapat ;)

-ajiem- said...

wah..hepinye die..hehe...
abg pn hepi sbb dh smpi KL..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Tulah, xde lah akan jd "belated bufday gift nye" kn? hik3~~

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