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Whatcha Think? 
*a long post, 'cause I'm happy!*

Venue: Mid Valley
Date: Sunday, June 28, 2009
Time: 11.30am
Objective: Watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

We went there at around 10.55am and arrived at 11.30am. As usual, the queue was loooong until McDonald *It was only 11.30am guys! Why were you so keyed up to wake up early??* so whether we liked it or not, we had to squeeze ourselves in the queue and waited for the time to pass by...

Transformers really has huge impact to all movie-goers. No wonder it's in the top of the list worldwide! To prove this, we were already half-way to the counters and shockingly, most of all screens were selling fast! Despite the 12pm show, I didn't put any expectation for it as it had already sold out but the rest? God... We really should buy the tickets days earlier. 3pm, 6pm, even the 9pm show were selling fast too! That is one crazy wave of facts!

Tried our luck at GSC Signature, in case there will be seats available but sadly to no avail. So we canceled our main objective, took our brunch at the food court and had our fruitful moments touring the mall and observing people, proudly walking in various styles of personalities. *Remember the stylo gothic-looking family we were interested in? Hahaha*

Our brunch; yours were yummier compared to mine.
See...?? *hehe*
Later after cramping our legs for walking so much after Arzu *I got a new shawl! Yeay!*, we had this agreement to really fulfill our ancient plan to have foot massage so we did at the Thai Odyssey near the F.O.S Outlet. We chose a one-hour massage *after we saw how they did it and it looked so tempting and relaxing* so I have to say the service was tip-top because surprisingly we also got extra head and body massages!

We thought maybe after this we can start trying the Hard Massage as we only chose the Medium one 'cause we were afraid it was painful.
Unfortunately I don't have pictures to show you but really, you can also try it for your own good. I can write a 500-word essay only for this!

Trying the Tako Tao you always talked about
Then we had this Blueberry Cheese Cake I insisted *haha*
For some reason, maybe it's written this way that we didn't get chance to watch Transformers, but to value every single minute with each other since there will be FIVE WEEKS without weekends for you starting today. *Isk isk.*

Still can picture myself crying *why did I, for God's sake!* and you lent your shoulders to cry on *I know. It was the hormone!* even if it was in front of the escalators where people were going up and down looking weirdly at me *okay now I feel embarrassed* but you coaxed me well until I cracked my smile again that I soon realized how childish I was *I had no intention to do so*.

Happy Happy Happy!

Also, I still have the image of us tickling and acting like kids on the bench while waiting for our massage appointment. We were laughing so loud, ignoring others and looking dearly blissful together that I want you to know how cute you are when you laugh *winking*. As well as the moment you were so hooked up with the Ping Pong game on my iPod that you forgot I was there beside you, snapping your pictures and recording your childlike act which I love to look at so much.

What was the score? *hihihi*
While waiting... I'm snapping..
Besides, I enjoyed the minutes where you started making jokes and I pretended not to get interested with or that I made a face for saying that your jokes didn't work on me or that you were actually hurting my feelings so you had to take back your words and it will took me some time to end my "acting" which I played on you that later made you feel bad about it *hihihi*. I know I'm such a naughty kid but hey, don't you think that is what makes us chummy? Ah ha... I know you are smiliiingggg..... *cheeky face*

I don't care. I still want to upload these! Haha.
Just can't take my eyes of them...
It is true that being with you makes my life brighter and I can't wait for the moment to come back so we can laugh, talk and look at each other over and over again... *Okay why do I sound so emotional again? Hahaha* I think this is the first post I have here sounding so emotional. And why is that? Maybe it is the beginning of everything...

Loving this picture!
Had Carl's Jr. burgers for dinner
What should I do?
I miss you!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

One quick review b4 goin to IT clas!
*smpat lg tuh. rindu nye psl*

(maloo la plak)


niesacomel said...

5 weeks je ana... relek ah
aku bpe bulan dah wei
dah ah die xmoh kirim gamba
or bukak webcam
i dunt even know how he look like now
he juz give me some details je
which is frustrated gle
sigh~ wut to do laa kan...
ari bekerja pom tiket full wei transformers tuh.
sdap kan tako? arituh aku ajar fit mkn

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Lohh awat cmtu plak?
U're his gf n he only gave u some details??
Mcm jual mahal je bunyik tu. huhu.
Yea, be tough la k :)

Ahh sedap.. Aritu aku tried prawn + chicken. Prawn sdap! *for me* ;)

-ajiem- said...

nape malu2 tu?hik3...after ni leh mkn tako lg..hehe...chicken ham pn best jugk...:)

emm..ble lah dpt tgk transformers ni..huhu...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

maloo sbb br 1st tyme "open" kt sini.. *huhuhu*

aah, ley mkn lg..
sdap2. tp nk yg abg nye lak afta neh. he.

emm.. tu laa.. bile la dpt gi tgk kn..? *sedey*

-ajiem- said...

hari tu yg abg mkn chicken..lpas ni abg leh mkn prawn plak.hik3...

tulah..ble nk tgk transformers..dgr org cite cm gempak je...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Kite exchange la cam aritu. hehe.

Aah.. Ramai ckp best.
Yg si kechik kt atas nih siap tgk 2X kowt.. *jeles2*

Bile nih abang... Waaa..~~

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