Tuesday, June 30, 2009


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*Saturday, June 27, 2009*

It's manicure, pedicure and a photo shoot all in one day, done by Miss Fitriah Roos.
*Hehe.. Am helping you promoting!*

It was supposed to be a two-hour mani-pedi session then a photo shoot but due to Fitty's too-detailed and extra precaution services *which is what I liked her about*, not to mention the late start for all activities on the day *okay I won't talk much about this. Fitty, don't say a word! Haha* so we had to do the pedi first then the photo shoot, later was the mani thingy.

*Hey hey, who's the customer anyway?*MANICURERESULTS after loads of "Aaawh!! and "Ouch!"TADAAAAA.....!!Ching! Ching! Ching!The Future-Spa-Owner --- *KATCHING!!!*
Oh yea, Fitty had this engrossment making her Flicker alive, so she asked me to help her filled her expensive camera *I'm being envious here* with some not-so-photogenic pictures. So I did. Had to change three types of outfit and yeah, modeling is tiring. *Haha* We shoot only in Perdana (a place where we're staying) as we dare not to walk from here to Bukit Jelutong. *senang cakap, x de transport tp x nak ngaku. Hahaha*

After photo shoot and sweating like h*ll. Haha.
Did some bold & highlights for better image-in-picture quality
*So thrilled after a looong colour-free months. Seriously.*
Was too exhausted I had to postpone posting this immediately.
It was fun!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

cam best plak tuleh "sample only" tuh.
mcm bgus sgt je.

fitto said...

ahaha..xley blah lgsg word sample only 2..nway ur d pics will b uploaded sooonnn... ;D

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

sesaje edit2.
sbb tu i pon ckp mcm ape jew..heh.

woo..cant wait to see!!
*ttbe maloo la plak. cm burok je..*

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