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Whatcha Think? 
(Do not read this with empty stomach!)

Some may say that living near a
place where you can have varieties of goods and accommodations give great value of live to most of all people and I should be thankful for that. Well I really am, indeed. Yet, there are some sort of frightful situations which I have to face in my day-to-day basis.

Yes, I Googled. P/s: Picture doesn't indicate real image!

Not to mention the dump-like environment I'm staying now (people here are just too lazy to put their trash to where it should belong!), the stink smells coming from every doorstep I pass by (specially from... okay, I'm not going to sound so n
ationalistic, but this is truth; Okay good. Now I'm not sure whether I should be specific or not but I know you knew what I mean), plus the eerie surroundings whereby you will find yourself looking behind almost twice as to play save (even during daylight; what's more midnight!) *believe me, life here is risky* and last but not least, the biggest of all problems;

Nasi Mums; Seldom available, plus the tiny little coleslaw!

Not-so-sweet ABC (only once in a blue moon)

Secret Recipe's Dowry (so much in love with it; can't spend on it often)

Nasi Kerabu; so long forgotten (the auntie had retired, maybe)

Contrary, for me, living only steps away from Giant Hypermarket doesn't leave me many choices regarding food. Yes, I have varieties to choose from the food court; you just name it, Thai Food, western food, sizzling, nasi lemak until the mamak's, yes yes yes, I have tons, but imagine yourself going to the same place, eating the same food, meeting the same faces and sitting in the same environment,

Secret Recipe's Indulgence; really am indulged! TOTALLY.

Pasar Malam must-try Cendol Pulut; eat too much, soon get bored

Eh? Ops sorry! This is my own cook. *haha* (Tomyam it is!)
That's a total round up of 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week which gives you 168 hours each, 30 days in a month that means every 720 hours the same-type-of digestion, and a sum of 8640 hours in a year! *Do you want me to continue calculating? Haha*

KFC Jom-Jimat Set; used to eat this 3 days in a row! (almost puked!)

Appetite lost; bought myself some healthier stocks *sigh*

The Chicken Rice Shop Healthy Set; what to say. No choice.

I've tried ALL. *I'm not lying* If it's not the nasi campur, I'll go and eat at Secret Recipe. If it's not the spaghetti chicken, I'll head forward to McDonald's. If it's not the nasi lemak, I'll turn back to KFC. If it's not the time for food-courting, I'll pay no doubt for The Chicken Rice Shop *which I used to spit A BIG NO to it* and if it's not the fast foods, I'll have no choice but to buy something out from the Hypermarket.

KFC Jom-Jimat Set again; this time with Nachos

Secret Recipe's Singapore Laksa; told you no choice!

Yes yes... I'm wholly indulged with this Indulgence Cake!

See? Life's hard, isn't it? I'm not the type of person who care less about anything that goes into my mouth. I'm not the type who says okay for most of everything and also, I'm not the type who always feel grateful for what I already have. Well, it's a human thing. *Don't tell me you aren't!* But mind you, that doesn't imply me for not being pleased with what He has given me. No. I don't mean that all. I knew life is harder than I thought and I should always be thankful for every single thing I own. I am, and I really am.

Pari and Lala something... Mm.. Forgot the name. Haha.

Lunch Set B; not tempting at all! (with weird food combination)

Made my first Pizza Delivery here (feel pity for me please!)

Nasi Goreng Cina something (has its special name; can't remember)

Banana Split; at least this one did flavour my appetite!

The Chicken Rice Shop Healthy Set, AGAIN... Duhh.

Sigh. Do you get what I mean? Maybe I should seek the missing colours by my own in order to satisfy everything I need and blend them all together by myself so life is rather easier than what I expected. Am I right?

And this is the latest; captured yesterday. Secret Recipe's Grilled Black Pepper.

Gee... After putting all these together like this,
I really feel pity for myself!

Looks like I have numerous choices, but believe me,
you'll know how I feel if you were me.

P/s: Don't blame me for not telling you not to read this with empty stomach! LOL.


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

I had to sengkang mata editing this post in about 7 to 8 hours!!

Imagine the pics, how many.
Not to say the stupid connection yg ske2 ati dia je nk laju ke pelan.

Relieved gile dh post!
*HAHAHAHA - gelak suke yg amat*

-ajiem- said...

emm...byk nye mknan...trus jd lpar..dh lah time ni dh kul 4.35 in the morning..mane ade kdai yg bukak..huhu...

xpelah..nnti ade mase leh gi mkn tmpat yg best2..yg pntg kite mkn wlaupn dh buhsan asyik mkn bnda yg sama.i rili understand that kind of feeling..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Thanks for this immediate response! :D

Emm.. yea.. mmg patot beruntong dpt makan compared to those yg x mampu..
Maybe this is some kind of letting go yg ne cm x pueh ati each tyme nk cari food.. huhu..

P/s: Hehe.. sorry for making u feel hungry. ;))

fitto said... advice...xyah la mkn...
tgk cm i. xpnah kesah mamam ke x..siap lupa lagi..haha

-ajiem- said...

ish3..mane leh x mkn..nnti sakit prut tau.:)
kna mkn jugk even ckit...

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To Fitty:
Kekdg dh tensi sgt, i did think da same way too!
Jimat ponk jimat. Hahaha.
Mmg de certain time i dh mls sgt, i skip je meals.
Seb bek jgk la perot ni jenis mkn skali shari pon dh ok ;))
*x mcm le'lyn! XD*

To Abang:
Ade percanggahan plak. *gelak guling2*
Baeekkk.... ;DD

-ajiem- said...

percnggahan yg baik n positive xpe..hik3..

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