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I know these are all dated films, but what to do. This is the only chance I get them in hard copies; thanks to Fitty for lending me the CDs. Though I had watched I Not Stupid once, but very long ago *can't recall when and where*, yet I still found it interesting! So did the other two.

The past few days, I took time quite late midnight to watch Home Run and I nearly cried! (My gratitude to Prof. J for introducing us to this movie during her Sociology in Education class last semester but we only watched half of it due to our time-constraint) *OMG I can't believe I'm giving her credits too!* Hahaha.

HOME RUN (2003)
After watching the movie, I realized how many unfortunate people around me which I may not know trying to make ends meet in order to survive. I seriously held my tears not to fall for this movie as I didn't want myself waking up the next morning having panda eyes. *Lame excuse, I know! Haha*

It was a very great and worthy story filled with moral values which you should get your eyes glued to it too! And I mean it. You'll be amazed on how a pair of shoes can become a priceless treasure to these two brother and sister! I bet you'll cry as well!


While for this movie, I Not Stupid *which I mentioned to you earlier* is more to comedial story. Still there are values brought up whereby it connects the three different families and lives of the three students in EM3 academic stream (the stupidest class is what they call it). Let me brief you a bit about the movie. *At least, you'll get something after leaving my page*

The left one in the poster is
Kok Pin. He is driven to excel at school by his mother, but shows a talent only in art, not academic. Soon after he encounters that his mother has a leukemia, he struggles to prove his mother an improvement to get 90 in his PSLE test, but he still failed.


The one in the middle is Terry, pampered and from a rich family, is a meek and very obedient specially to his domineering mother and famous Ba Qua businessman father. He is very slow and chubby. Always gets bullied, easily cries whenever he feels insecure and in pain. *Frankly, I hate his character! Haha* He always says something wrongly, gets confused and is so obedient to whatever his mother says. However, in the end, he learns to stand up for himself and fight back.

As for the right one is Boon Hock. He lives a hard life with his mother and his little brother with an absent of a father by running a small wonton noodle stall. He is the toughest character in the movie. *In fact, he plays all the manliness character in every Jack Neo movie! Owhh I just love his cute face! Haha* He places high value on loyalty and bravery in his friends. He is smart, but lazy. After the new teacher takes over the class, his view changes and he works hard to excel in their PSLE exam and he succeeds.


How I fancy Jack Neo movies I immediately watched I Not Stupid Too right after I finished watching the above one! This is where my enthusiasm gets bigger to see all the leading actors have grown up! It's funny, but my view of seeing someone grows up so fast is proven real. Haha. Yes they did.

Jack Neo (he acts too) uses most of the same actors and actresses for his movies so imagine for the past two hours, I watched Joshua Ang *the one who I said is cute! Hehe* looking so adorable and babyish, later I watched him acting boyishly as a good-looking teenager and very manly and handsome and OMG I love him so much! *Hahaha. Okay stop it Farhana!* (blush blush)

Well back to earth. Haha. This movie tells me on how significant being a good listener is to one person, especially parents to their children and teachers to their students. This is where misguidance can really lead a person to what he will end up become. Parental guidance is important and so the teachers supports.

Simple description for this movie. It revolves around the lives of Tom Yeo (the left one), his brother Jerry (the middle one) and his friend Lim Chengcai (the right one a.k.a my Joshua *hahaha*).

15-year-old Tom is technologically inclined and a talented blogger, while 8-year-old Jerry enjoys the performing arts and has the lead role in his school concert. Their mother and father busy schedules give them little time to spend with their children, leading to a strained relationship. While for Chengcai, whose father is an ex-convict, is raised single-parent. He inherites his father fighting skills and has the most bad records in school. *Imagine Joshua Ang, the coolest face person acting bad boy! Wallah weyhh...!! Hahaha*

Honestly, I cried for this movie quite a few times. I don't know if it is because the last two pieces I held my tears tight and soon after I watched this one the tank had already full so I couldn't hold it any longer or that because the story really is touching and emotive and tear-jerking and very heartbreaking and okayyougetit or that because it was Joshua's sorrow scenes that I couldn't keep myself feeling sorry for him and looking at him crying *He's so manly and he cries? Oh no. I'm melt! Haha* or or that I'm a woman I am born sensitive or whatsoever *Hehe. Sorry, sorry. Just love writing and seeing the letters typed out* but in truth, they did play their characters extremely well.

You should go and find these films 'cause I will. I will definitely go and buy these pieces. SOON. Oh before I forget, Shawn Lee is quite a good-looking too! (The one who plays Tom) Okay I'm so need to get over it! Haha.

P/s: Thanks for spending your time reading till end! Love you to bits. (^,^)


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

How i feel the satisfaction posting my own reviews abt those three!!
*ok u must know i loooove writing*


p/s: did u skip reading? haha.

Anonymous said...

im not stupid 2.

FAMILY = Father Mother I Love You.

500 bucks to buy 1 hour from his father's time :,(..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Yea.. dat moment was 1 of the saddest scenes. isk isk..
Have u watched it too jat or da trailer? *hehe*

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