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Well, to be honest, I am not a die-hard-fan for any Korean movies. Never mind the Japanese or Chinese or any of such films which have all the cute and baby-faced actors and actresses. In fact, ask me anything about them and I know NOTHING! *Okay maybe I did like some of those but that was very long ago*

Let's see if I still remember any. Um... Wonderful Life; was addicted to its silly cute storyline and chubby Shin Bei *OK no idea how to spell it* Also, was a little too attached to that till I set its theme song as my ring tone! *Aha. Now I realize how they can easily drag you from our real world. Haha* And what was the other one? The leading actress was a cake's chef. What was the title? Um.. Um... Oh oh, My Lovely Sam Soon! Haha.

Yea, call me lame or whatever you want to call me but blame my heart for not falling into them.

The thing is, I have noticed quite a number of my peeps recommending these videos. Well, not really recommend me to watch them, but they actually caught my eyes when I found few fellows having any of these video clips in their facebook profiles. So I was sort of curious why is everybody talking about the same thing?

Later after spending some 'quality' time watching and witnessing these oh-so-cute-so-hot-and-so-sweet music videos, I've been thinking to put them in here too! Well, this what I called as complimenting by not actually saying it. LOL.

So sit back and enjoy the hot and sassy shows!
*oh oh, don't forget to mute the CUTE song playing first*

Love the dancing more than the cute guys! So okay, you're free to choose! LOL.

OK I admit I envy their figures and kawaii-ness!

They make light work or superb music video?
Let's us all be cutie mutie all day!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

they *the guys* do dance well, aren't they?

i might try it once. haha.
who knows, "bakat terpendam"? XDD

p/s: so who wants to see me dancing like these baby dolls either..?? LOL.

niesacomel said...

korean people r the best dancers in this world ok... hoho... mereka praktis di mana saja... tepi2 jln...

of coz they r cute...
come on laa
plastic surgery wei
plastic surgery
dah la murah kat sane...
plus thats what korea mostly famous for rite?
their plastic surgery thingy

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

kuchik.... i knew u'll make a comment abt this! ;))

well, since i'm not that keen into korean ppl, so.... sad to say i din know abt that till u told me ;P
*haha. lame2*

but yea, comel mmg comel.
tp thru plactic surgery? emm..
dh cm x bape nk pure comel lah~~ haha.

Mimi said...

gee gee gee gee~

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Cute lah mimi! XDD

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