Sunday, July 19, 2009


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Whatcha Think? 
(^,^) THANK YOU!!! (^,^)

(while I was still snoring....)

Ting tong!
*Ugh.. I forgot to change back my SMS tone*

Le'lyn: Ana, are you at home? Do you want some bihun?
Oh, sounds nice. OK with me! *WAKE UP you lazy a*s!*
Le'lyn: Alright, I'll go to your house, but later in the evening. Okay?
Ana_Banne: Okie dokie. Thanks! *oohh my comfy pillows and fluffy teddy... mmm..zzz---*

One free brunch for me!


Le'lyn: Ana, are you already starving? Can you hold it any longer or you can't? Because if not, I'll come, but maybe at around 3.30pm.
Ana_Banne: Oh don't mind. Anytime you like. *yup, still not hungry - am used to this. Hehe*
Le'lyn: Okay, later when I'm there, I'll give you a buzz.

She IS good, isn't she? ;)


Le'lyn: Ana, I'm already in front of your house.
Ana_Banne: Oh alright alright.

And taddaaaaa......
I was thinking of going to a waterfall when I ate this. Yummy!

Well she turned 20 last four days where I am still haven't give her the birthday present due to the lack of money, *Isk isk. Sorry Le'lyn* and today she cooked me bihun??

In fact, not only bihun; dadih and begedil *does that spell that way?* as well! Besides, when I was sick, she boiled me water and made me some milk or a nestum or a nice porridge. She did also give me some lauk-pauk if she has extra. *Oh she's a kitchen expert I tell you* Enough said.

People, although she's still single, unfortunately she's already taken.
*Maybe. Haha*

Am thankful to have a friend like her. Seriously. Frankly say, this is the first time I have a friend so generous, yet a hardworking chef-in-the-kitchen like you, Le'lyn. So thank you so much for the bihun you gave me just now... And the tasty dadih. And the hot, appetizingly begedil. Oh, also the lauk-pauk you used to let me fill my always empty tank *if it's not because of my laziness to walk few meters from home to Giant to get the d*mn food into my mouth!* 'cause at least, you did help me save my money for a day or two. Hehe.

During our Sunway Pyramid blissful shopping day! *Well I did. Haha*

I am all thankful for everything, indeed. You're one good friend and do feed me more often! Hahaha. No, I'm kidding. Thank you so much Le'lyn and Happy Belated 20th Birthday, again!

*which I was planning to wish her as the last person on 16 July, 2009 at 11.59pm ended up wishing her on 17 July, 2009 at 12am! Pfft. What kind of friend I was??*


fitto said...

haha..lupe eyh...huhu..cian lyn...wuwuwu

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

x lupe, terlajak. ;DDD

sha said...

hehhehe..btul2 lyn mmg rajin msk...
cam ner leh terlajak wish besday lyn nih???

sha said...

anne...dap plak bihun yg lyn msk tok hang...hhuuuhuu
nk jugak!!!

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To myr:
tu lah, kesian dia. huhu.
slh kn tenet nih ha wat den lupe! ;PP

mmg SEDAP .
if kite nk gi picnic ne2, suh lyn masak kn jela ;))
msti berselera!

fitto said...

sejak bile pulak name hang jd ANNE neh???

Pok Leh kate ANNGGG..hahah

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To fitty:
mu ingat kawe ni gapo?

Heh. Actly afta i read myr pggil i ANNE tu, i wanted to tell u. tp gelak sowg2 jelah cz u tgh basoh bju *DUA BALDI ya'll!!* ;DD

fara lynn said...

annaaaaaaa..after 5 years..thanks for the compliment beybeh..lebiuwww

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