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15 July, 2009


This post is specially dedicated to:
Someone who knows how to make my sleepy eyes widen;

The one who always cracks a smile on my face;
And creates a big loop in my heart!

Yup, you got me right.
It was him.
He finally came!

And it was a surprise!

Well, we didn't go far.

Only in Shah Alam area.
*It's fine with me though :)*

We ate at Nando's where I tried the Espetada meal for the first time.
Seriously you need to have a bigger tummy for that!

*Even I shared TWO slices with him, what's more YOU?*
**Okay, only if you have giant tank compared to mine. Hehe**

I will definitely try this Espetada again!
*Ehem ehem... Kusyuk wat ape tuu...*

By the way, this picture reminds me of our 'talking' we did...
I should have recorded them.

See? Coming straight away from his workplace.
*The uniform proves you that - "JIMAH"*
Just look at how happy I was after we both went home.
Well, thanks for the visit Abang..

*Eh, cam duk skola asrama lg plak. Haha*

Thank you so much for coming..
*Haa... This one better. =P*
Really appreciate it.

P/s: I posted this a little late due to what-student-life-asks-for schedules.


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

I REALLY should have recorded the "TALKING".

-ajiem- said...

emm..'talking' yg mane tu?xde bgtau abg pn..:)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

xtau nk btau ke x..

alaa..tyme kt bench tu lah.. ;))

-ajiem- said...

ooo...yg kite tgh duduk kt tepi escalator tu erk..-btul ke eja escalator cmtu?-

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Heheh.. aah ;)
*yup, u spell it ryte!*

do u stil remember?
i dnno u, but i loved it.
i mean, loved everythin u said ;DD

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