Tuesday, August 11, 2009


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Whatcha Think? 

Well, frankly say, I do have a little thought about this guy for the past two weeks quite intensely since he keeps his silence after a long period of time.

I don't know if it was the fever which makes me feel like missing so many people whom I used to be with but as far as I'm concerned, this feeling is indeed painful and tear-breaking.

Initially, I was not sure whether I should brag about this or not and to whom I should really tell but it is true that somehow, our silent friend is always there to patiently listen and let us let out everything we exactly want to confess without hurting anyone's heart so I took a deep gulp of sighs and make this so-called cheerless, yet not-so-interesting update for you to read and be shared with.

[I hope you don't mind reading because if you do, I understand why you leave my page early before the final word ends.
It's okay.
I'm thankful enough for your guts to click on this link.]

Okay back to the real bits.

To be honest, I started to stay invisible from him at first, *and it was my first time of doing it!* but that was during the time which I think not a suitable moment to tell me that he missed me..

Well, things can be harder than they really are when it comes to a simple phrase like "I MISS YOU".

In fact, he typed "I Miss You Ana...", so you know how the exact meanings go.

Truth is, despite of the guilty feeling I was surrounded with ever since, I undoubtedly admit that I do miss him too and the feeling is getting bigger when most of my old friends started to frequently ask questions regarding him.

Yes, I did cry sometimes but I don't blame them.
Well, why should I?
They know nothing of what is really going on between us so with a fake smile plastered on my face and a simple "don't-know" or "we-have-lost-contact" replayed from my mouth to false the real expressions.


Where do he go, anyone knows?

Thus, just now before I started to type these out, I had a weird intention to Google something which is related to him, and I did.

Nothing attractive in this video which can give you valuable message like others did, but if you free to watch, just silent the playlist and play this instead.
*Unless you're keen to see how future pilots look like;
they are all here for your eye-treat*

The third picture and so on...
(The songs are nice though)

To you-know-who, if you have encountered this, do give me a buzz
(yeah, only if you want to because I can see you're CONFIDENT enough by now and that we may not be contacting each other like before again because I'm no longer your friend, I suppose).
However, do know that I badly want to know how are you doing these days and whether you are in a pink of health. Indeed, whether or no I dreadfully want to know if you have already achieved your career dream...

You're my closest friend whom I used to laugh with, share everything with, make fun of *since we were kids!* and most prominently be part of that I swear it is extremely heart-breaking to know nothing about you now..

Even if I know you hate me writing even a sheer statement mentioning you here in my blog; the main reason why I deleted all my previous posts regarding you - I can't help it now.
I'm sorry I break my words but what to do.

You do too, so so do I.

In fact, I miss you.
And yes, I do miss you.


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

Sorry, can't resize the vid.
Exhausted for repeatedly trying..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

From Beyonce "Ego" song;
"It's too big, it's too wide
It's too strong, it won't fit
It's too much, it's too tough
He talk like this 'cause he can back it up

He got a big ego, such a huge ego, such a huge ego...."

-ajiem- said...

emmm...now i rili know..

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

n i'm sorry...~~

Anonymous said...

owh.now u miss him.
insyaAllah.i'll send ur regards to him.

-ur silent reader-

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

To anonymous:
Well thanks U.
But i don't think he bothers now..
Hmm.. Anyhow, i appreciate that n thanks 4 reading..

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