Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 12:56 AM
Whatcha Think? 

Why oh why,
Everything is so stressful I just want to cry,

I tried so hard but they won't budge,

Now I feel as lonely as a cloud.

I wanted to scream but my voice stuck,

I wanted to bang my head hard but I know I
will not,
I feel terrible for having everything all to myself,
I just want nothing but only a lot more care.

It doesn't feel right to always stay calm,

And I feel horrible if I don't give it a d*mn,

I need to end this or else I'll fail,

But I just need MONEY and that is all I aim.

Yes it makes sense now to you I presume,
Though it's worthless now if I just stay put,
So I really need something to make everything right,
And that is all I have but I don't know if it's correct.

I know I'm making a narrow line now but I don't care,

I just need you to know that this is what I feel,

I must seek a new house since everyone is gone,
I cannot pay the rental, well of course, all alone.

The room is super messy thanks to moody me,
I have hairs here and there I refused to sweep,
Used clothes hanging everywhere I know I'm gross,
But please spare a time for me, you'll know why I'm such a foul.

My supposed-to-start-now practicum is nowhere to be heard,

I even haven't got my results until June I just heard,

My head is exploding with anger I know,

Still there is more than that which I need to follow.

The business thing runs okay but it pays little,

If I raise up the rates I know I will suffer,
It is horrifying to be all by yourself,
It is pitiful enough to stand alone with no one's there.

I was born in May and this is the month of joy,

But nay look what I got now just headaches and sorrow,

There will be no cool gifts this year, that too I think of,

What sadden me most is that everything I just can't afford.

I will say I'm okay when you ask me that,

But deep in my heart I am as scattered as dust,
I may look right to you but please do look into,
I just want to cry so please, I really REALLY need you.

P/s: Why isn't there any tears coming out, I'm DEPRESSED now for crying out loud?!!


♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

I'm NOT happy.
I'm still NOT crying!!

Am I that strong??

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