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Whatcha Think? 

She came.
She came!


Her who?
Yes, her.
My lecturer!


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Oh sorry, I couldn't help it!
Okay, so she came to observe me.
Promise made, promise granted.
So that's that.
That's all that matters.

Do you want to know why?
Come to think of it, wasn't that FUNNY that she only came on my very second last week of practicum? That that was on my very final class with the students since next week is their exam week? That that was the one and only observation from her since the past three months?
Funny, wasn't it?

Come on.
It's fasting month and these are the only words I could think of.
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To tell the truth, I was quite scared, yes scared - not nervous, that the students would not give their full cooperation in class when she was around but h*ck, they did GOOD. If I could hug each and every one of them I swear I would! They paid attention to whatever I said which was oddly amusing. Not that they weren't before but this time, it was better.
*Ah you saved the day, kids!*

The only thing that came across my mind before that was,
"Is it okay to give these students a group work?"
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I am not going to lie but yes, the students always make noise when it comes to group work. They tend to argue. Some are too shy and some are just talkative they don't want others to contribute anything. Jeez! Not to mention the passive ones. Mind you, these are all good students. They have a lot of ideas. It's just that they don't know how to share their thoughts. They like to argue because they want to get the attention. They want to show who's the best among all.
To prove that,
"Teacher, teacher. Tell us who won the best group!"

Well, that's how kids are.
That, too, maybe how I was back then.
*Was I?*

Okay, scratch that. Haha.

Somehow, these students didn't look like they were fasting after all!
Seriously. I remember how I was on the first day of puasa.
I didn't take my sahur like I should (I simply took two gulps of mineral water - have I mentioned that I missed my dinner the day before?) and that's it. So it was all gloomy and energy-less during the day I felt like I'm a 9-year-old kid! Even the students themselves were energetic. Pfft! I wished that I was a cellphone so I could just recharge myself with a simple plug-in. It was dreadful, indeed! It took me forever to get to the top floor to 5 Baiduri!
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I swear I will consume lots and lots of food when breaking my fast so that I still have some storage until sahur, ever since. Haha.
Okay, so we got a little way out of topic.

Now, back to my observation thingy.
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She liked it!
She told me that I did everything from the lesson plan.
She complimented my way of handling the class.
She said I have a loud voice which is good.
She told me that the activity was fun and I managed to get the students' attention. She praised my lesson plans saying that they were all done so perfectly in order following the schema.
To conclude everything she said,
"I think I have no comment about you. Yes, no comment."

So was that a good sign?
God's will.

*Truly satisfied*

And so I went home good mood and collapsed soon after I found my bed...
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Anonymous said...

congrats anna! im hepi 4 u =)

♥ aN_Na ♥ said...

yeayy! thank youu~! :D

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