Thursday, March 3, 2011


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Whatcha Think? 
Wow, it's been forEVER!

Oh, since this is my FIRST 2011 Post so...

Okay, I'm not going to repeat the same thing over and over again;
how I've been busy with stuff and whatnot (which is NOT that true)...
Ah, guess I just did.

I just feel like writing something.
Poor thing, spiderwebs all over!

Well judging from my previous, or should I say, LAST post... When was it? Yup, THREE FREAKING MONTHS AGO *lol* about this "Cross Five" thingy, remember? Nothing to brag about anyway, it's just that I thought I was going to treat myself a new second phone and by then, my aim was on this cute Nokia X5.

I chose PINK! Uber cute, no?

Anyhow, it was BY THEN.
As time goes by, I personally don't think it looks that kawaii-ly tempting.
So, that's that. Poof!

2011 Wish List:
Nokia X5?
*scratch scratch*
Maybe you were wondering what's so good about this phone so I think it'd be fun to share some of the cool features of this X5.

Comes with FIVE cheerful colours!
*THAT Purple... YUCK.*

  • Powered by S60 3rd edition
  • A square slider design with a full QWERTY music device -- Isn't that unique?
  • Supports quad-band GSM connectivity, with WiFi, EDGE, HSDPA -- WiFi? Awesome!
  • A 5 megapixel on-board camera with a 4x digital zoom, with a LED flash -- Not bad.
  • Space for up to 1000 tracks with a 2 GB in-box memory card; expandable up to 32GB
  • Spinning the phone will automatically change your music track -- COOL!
  • Shake the phone to show the number of unread messages -- counts by a "Ting Ting" sound
  • Price range: RM500 - RM600 (it changes)

P/s: I have another wedding invitation this weekend.


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