Friday, March 4, 2011

"2011: THE YEAR OF iPAD 2"

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Whatcha Think? 
*somehow I doubt there's someone reading. lol*

I'm now at my favourite Cyber Cafe (CC) -- the one and only CC I don't mind spending the whole day "with", AZTEC.
The place is always empty whenever I get here. Uh huh. I'm not kidding.
The only customers I've seen so far are my sisters and I and I'm guessing we are their only regulars.

I've always wondered why but I dare not to ask. You know, maybe it's personal. However, based on my own observation, I think the place stresses more on browsing and researching rather than online gaming. They purposely limit their games installed in each PC and they don't even provide a single headset!
Whoever wants a CC with NO HEADSET, for fun's sake?

Anyways, I'm getting a little out of topic.
I actually wanted to talk about the new iPad 2!

10 beautiful screen covers to choose from
*again, why NO purple??*

Not bad, actually. NOT BAD.
There are so many HATE comments though soon after the promo was launched (YouTubers, especially) but I personally think it's worth the price.

iPad 2 is obviously thinner and sleeker than the old iPad.
Even better, it has TWO back and front facing cameras!

The new Magnetic Smart Cover can also be used as a stand

Although they reduced the screen size for this version but come onnnnn... What's with the fuss? Surely something SHOULD be done somewhere, am i right?

I salute Apple people for the innovative and creative invention, as always.

Well, you might want to watch this video and judge it for yourself.

P/s: Oh, oh! Maybe I can put this thing on my Wishlist, too? ;)


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