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Whatcha Think? 
*woot woot!*

Well, I just got home from Shah Alam (yesterday) and I spent three days there for various reasons. I had fun, TOTALLY. All thanks to my dear Boo. I absofreakinglutely enjoyed these 3 days so much. It was a joyful ride each time, no matter where we go.

Day 1
So I went there last Saturday, by bus of course. Later when I arrived, we went straight to Seoul Garden for Boo’s 26th small birthday celebration. A lovely day it was.

Oh, and guess who I met? My junior from SSP, IZZATI [Izat] -- She was as lanky as always! Knew her when she was in Form 1 while I was in Form 4. We were in the same sport's house, RED HOT RUBY in which a year later, I became the *ahem* House Captain.

Next stop was our favourite mall, Mid Valley. His, to be honest. Hehe and YES!! I finally bought a new handbag and a stiletto! Both are very, VERY gorgeous looking – they made me drool! Well, the day went by just as great.
Shopping is the best therapy?

Oh, and there was a PIKOM PC FAIR too. It was hectic, crowds everywhere and they had such small lanes for everyone to jostle around – not really Boo’s thing. Poor baby. Well I bought a new cooling pad, that and only that. Haha. The place was packed like h*ll so... Thanks again Baby.
(Anata wa honto ni saikōdesu!)
-- You’re the best! --

We had Subway for dinner.

Day 2
Attended Lulu's wedding (Fit's sister), after that we went to Amcorp Mall to find a tailor for my next “Wedding Kurung”. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It is for K.Mel’s (Boo’s friend). Can you imagine? RM120 for a simple, PLAIN modern kurung? And an additional of 100-freaking-50-ringgit just for the beads?? No way I would spend my money THAT much. JEEZ, that was undoubtedly overrated but I had no choice.
Later, we went back to Mid Valley for some mouth-watering dinner at Nando’s. It’s been awhile since we last ate there. Imagine Nando’s hot chicken and spicy sauces... Ah, just the thought of them makes my mouth water. Again.
BLVD. What a night...
P/s: Met my old SSP friends, Azie and Picah at Jusco; doing part-time. Hehe. Hey, girls!

Another fun day at Mid Valley.
*Saw Yayez with her boyfie. Ehem*
Played a few games at the video games arcade (what’s the name?) before we watched Beastly. It was the only 11.00++am show we could get before I went back to Tapah so I blame no one for that. Only from me – Nothing to brag about really, but still watchable. It's pretty much a human version of Beauty and The Beast, with a little twist of its own originality. It has good moral values to learn from, too.

Then we headed straight to Shah Alam for my walk-in interview and here’s the GOOD NEWS!
From now on, you may call me a BEAUTICIAN. Hahaha.
Heck yeah, no kidding! I’m a beautician. Not yet officially but I’ll start working as one starting the next Monday. RY Saloon. Well, there’s so many things to think about now as I have only less than a week to make a decision – whether or not to accept the offer; with my bestie’s wedding invitation on this coming Sunday – to go or not to go and to be prepared for everything that I might need during the “migration”... Man, tough call.
However, I thank Allah for making it easier as I prayed for and I want to thank everyone for the kind prayers and wishes. You know who you are. Best of luck to me, hope everything goes fine since the first day and onwards. InsyaAllah.
To my dear boo,
- 3rd Feb 2011 -

P/s: Can't upload pictures so I temporarily replaced them with the emoticons. Screw you, MAXIS!


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