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Whatcha Think? 
I've finally cut my hair... long!
SHORT, of course!

I thought I wanted to trim the bottom edge but nay, not worth it so I cut 'em BOB! Bob, bob. My favourite long angled bob to match my strong jaw lines.

Bob hairstyles have been around for ages but to me, the long angled bob hairstyle is way, way sexier. It is the simplest, yet chic fashion trend and is better than ever.


This longer version of Bob is kawaii-ly hot and terribly gorgeous. The hair parts in the middle and the cut is at an angle, with a tad shorter in back than in front.

Similarly like Gwyneth Paltrow's

My hair is naturally straight and heavy, and is parted in the middle for a long time now. No matter how hard I try to have bangs and fridges, I just failed. Besides, I'm not a "free-hair" kind of person so that makes it even harder. I have lots of hair and it runs in the family. I have high cheekbones, strong jaw lines and bone structures, pretty much an athletic type of figure... *cough* model-like *cough*, if I may add.

Shorter in the back than in front

So I transformed my hair from super long and "boring" to this sleek and edgy long angled bob. I'm always into this hairdo. Short Bob or Long Bob, I've done it so many times. I used to have long, VERY long hair during my teenage years. Haircuts used to be so traumatic but it's always nice to have a bit of a change now and again.

P/s: I just love how my head feels lighter after a nice haircut.


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