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Men always have this skeptical view of a woman being a shopaholic. Hear me now fellas, you are dead wrong. Not all women are born shopaholics. None of us knows that some day we will become one. It is some kind of a spell that falls on selected beings, that is all. So basically a shopaholic is a person who is a compulsive shopper. One who does not know how to stop shopping; often buys clothes and other things for herself (even for others - now go thank them). They shop, shop, shop until they drop - simply because they can't stand being weighed down by those shopping bags. Not to mention the sore feet and red aching soles from endless walking in sky-high Bordello heels.



How do you know that you are a shopaholic? Easy. Answer these very straightforward, nail-biting questions and you will have the answer.

Have you ever shopped something secretly and tried to store them somewhere without allowing anyone in the household to be aware of those purchases?
~well, duh?

Shopping is no longer your hobby, but a habit. You shop when you are up, and you shop even more when you are down.
~can't help it

Your life quotes have somehow changed its meaning to something like, "What we can't solve in real life, we solve it through retail therapy". Or "If the shoe fits, get another just like it".
~who told you that?

You know you shop way too often to some extent where you think your wardrobe and room should already be a shopping paradise.

When someone tells you that you shop not because you need something but just for shopping's sake, you fickle. But when you try to explain to them, you stumble. "Just because" is your safest answer.
~pfft. pfft.. *rolls eyes*


We shop because we like pretty things.
We shop because we want to look beautiful.
We shop because we are born with nine friggin' lusts.
We shop because we HAVE to shop.
Just because.

If it wasn't for us, all the money in the world would have no meaning.
It's not our fault that we can't stop shopping, it's the retailers who tempt us back into their stores!

"We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops."
-Henny Youngman-

So guys, as long as you haven't said this yourself to your woman then there is nothing to be worried about. She is not (yet) a so-called compulsive shopper. Back her up! You love her, don't you?


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