Saturday, March 3, 2012


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Whatcha Think? 
Guess what?
Surprise, surprise.

Stupid caffeine has taken over and I can barely sleep. Mr. Yawn keeps telling me to stop doing whatever that I am doing and hit the sack pronto, but my, my, poor thing is just being ignored.

Much appreciation to all these awesome, fabulous online sites that I have something to keep me company the whole night.

It is frustrating to say that the ones I drooled over are all super pricey! ALWAYS. Well at least that confirms the fact that I have such high taste in clothing, cough!
[puke here]

I have to say, for once I actually STALKED this lady post by post; newest to the oldest (back until January 2011! Haha, no kidding!) No, no. fret not. It's just that I like her writing. Always high-spirited and funny. But umm.. Yeah, stalk really does sound vulgar at some point but not that I mean it. Well thanks to her commendable fashion sense, and her successful online shop, I couldn't help but to know which top is which that she used to wear in every occasion and then find it on Fashion Valet straight away. The clothes got me hooked, that is all. Don't get me wrong. She sure has an awesome way to promote them! Sad enough, the ones that I wanted are all sold out. Boo-hoo.

Feeling devastated, I googled again for something similar and was happy when I found this instead;

Whoa, little did I know that this person also sells quite the same things as in Vivy's! Some of the garments did catch my attention so I sent an inquiry regarding them. Early birds catch the worm. Okay, that makes no sense here but I know you know what I mean. Forgive my "dawn talk".

I browsed some other blogshops too, but I think they are not worth mentioning. Simply because I couldn't find anything that I like. Hehe.

That's it.

P/s: Photos will be uploaded soon. If I feeling like uploading. Hehe.


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