Friday, March 2, 2012


Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 9:25 PM
Whatcha Think? 
It is 9.25pm and the rain has just started falling. The roads are wet, the trees are dancing because of the breezy push of wind. So on a cold night like this, I think a hot drink is often the cure for what ails.

So what is it that ails me? It's pretty hard to say and I totally hate that feeling. You know, the moment when you really, really feel like telling someone something, but it makes you sad because you know there isn't anybody whom you can share with. It feels so suffocating as though you are drowning in a pool of muddy rainwater. It is as though you are choking but you are still breathing.

Life has been pretty tough on my side this time. Academically, no. Socially and mentally, yes. Or so I think. That explains the hiatus, in case you were wondering. More on that later. Cross your fingers hard for that to happen, though.

Warm hug for my dear bloggy.
For now, a cup of coffee is what I need.


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