Saturday, March 3, 2012


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Whatcha Think? 


Boo just made my night by sending me a song dedication on an online radio which is known as Oh don't worry, that was the first time I heard such name, too. Well he made it twice actually, because I missed the first one. Blame the connection.

I laughed out loud upon hearing what Boo had sent for me;
" Kepada Farhana yang berada di UKM, Bangi.
Makan maggi elok-elok ye.." 

Yes, he knew I was having Mamee Sllrrrp Kari Berapi by then. Almost choked on the instant noodles when she (the DJ) said that!

DJ: 'Ai, makan maggi je? Kenyang ke makan maggi tu? Oh takpe-takpe, esok boleh keluar dating! Ahaks. Pandai-pandai jela kan, habislah saya kena esok.' "


What is more hilarious is that the DJ is actually his cousin.

*runs hiding under the duvet*


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