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Whatcha Think? 
This is officially the first time that I got back to our first home feeling HAPPY and EXCITED! Worn out? Oh yes. Always. But this time, it is a little bit different. Do you want to know why?

Psst.. Come, come. Let me tell you...

Hahaha. Pardon my excitement.
But this is serious!
*does the moon-wave*
**moon-wave. hihi. get it? you know, instead of moonwalk.. i use my hands... like, you know.. the wave thingy.. with the hands.. instead of... oh never mind**


So long story short (I hope), it wasn't that easy. We went in and out and in and out and in and - okay this is going to take forever - countless of furniture stores since yesterday until the three of us wiped out. It was hard! And I know I might sound like I am exaggerating things but gosh, furniture shopping is BRUTAL. It sure is fun though to the fact that you have much freedom to make your own selection of colours and styles and theme and whatnot especially because you get to pick out lots of humongous things for your own house but to be able to find that one particular furniture set that meets your personal taste and needs is no joke.
And since the power of making decision was given to the perfectionist ME, the process was even harder. We went to almost 10 to 11 stores (or maybe more, including today) just to find these two friggin' dining and sofa sets. From Ipoh to Sungai Siput to Kuala Kangsar, basically EVERY furniture store we could find. Fussy? No. Perfectionist? Yes. Now not that I am complaining, but these two days of furniture-hunting was done "under the hot burning sun" (like extremely hot), with literally no food nor drinks *err.. it's fasting month? duhh* so that seemed to make everything feel way, waaaaay too exhausting.
The humidity, the thirst, the going in and out of the hot suffocating car, the clashing ideas between mom, my sister and me, the "too small" "too expensive" "too outdated" "too heavy" and all kinds of "toos" you don't wanna know, it was all too much that we almost gave up.
But heck no. No way that would happen because we NEED them. The house is empty with literally nothing except for the kitchen cabinet we bought one or two months back as to avoid dining out every time we spend our nights there. In fact, Hari Raya is just a week away so we hope not to serve Lemang and Ketupat to our guests and relatives on the floor like we normally did. Haha. Sorry guys!

Hey, I said eating ON the floor, not OFF the floor! 
Spit it out! Spit it out! Ptuih! Ptuih!

Alhamdulillah, the hard work finally paid off! We found the sofa set at the last store with much much cheaper price for such an expensive price tag (the taukeh *owner* was so kind he even gave us a nice coffee table for free even after that huge bargain! Love you-lah, uncle!). Then we bought the dining set at the second last store after we bought the sofa (well we kind of went to some stores a few times to compare prices) and alhamdulillah, both main things-on-the-list are now settled! WOOHOO!
*again with the moon-wave, but slightly different. well, only if you can tell. get it? no? what? no, look at the hands.. it's different. see, the hands.. i do like, ... oh never mind*


Looking at how I took things very seriously by helping out my parents finding the best furniture for their home (YES. THIS IS THEIRS! Haha. I know what you're thinking!) somehow makes me feel even more excited to buy things for my own. Well I rarely take important matters for granted, that's just me. What I am trying to say is that I can now picture myself furniture-hunting with Boo Boo, doing all the "too common" "too plain" "too flowery" thingys. Hahaha. 

Oh, for the record, they all LOVE what I picked!
*blows nails*

Something that looks similar to this. L-shaped, black with pink stripes, but longer and definitely waaaaay better!


---disclaimer: didn't know it could be this long!---


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