Thursday, August 23, 2012


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Whatcha Think? 
We have been celebrating Eid like crayyyy-zayh!

If a few days before Raya were tremendously exhausting with the furniture hunting and Raya shopping and whatnot going on, so when Raya approaches, I'm telling you we are very much relieved! One of the reasons is of course, because we get to do things while eating and drinking so it is less tiring. Hehe.
 Okay. So most of our days are spent by serving visitors, friends and relatives coming from all over the state and it feels great!
What makes it even better is the fact that we are all celebrating Eid at our new home in KK so that makes this year's Raya feel a lot more special. Everyone is coming to see the house and my oh my, all praise be to Allah, THEY ALL LOVE IT!!!

Will blog about it more soon (when I have the time, really!) so have a blessed and blissful Raya, everyone! May we all have the best Eid ul-Fitri this year and we shall hope to meet Syawal (especially Ramadhan) again!
Maaf Zahir Batin for any wrongdoings, those known and unknown to me.

Adult life s*cks when....


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