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Whatcha Think? 
Haha! What's that? Sounds familiar?

Well if "O-M-G!" is widely known as an internet acronym for "Oh My God", it is no exaggeration to say that Malaysia has now successfully upgraded the slang for "O-M-E!" which is an exclamation for "Oh Mak Engkau!" in Malaysian culture to...
As most of you already know, Oh My English is an educational sitcom comedy launched by Astro which aims to help Malaysians to improve their spoken English. Well who knew they would come up with something like this? Frankly speaking, I am totally in love with this sitcom because it presents a unique learning experience dedicated especially to youngsters in order to help them learn and communicate in English in a fun way.

You know for most people who are non-native speakers of English like us, Malaysians like to use direct translation when trying to converse in English simply because we think that words are better understood that way, neglecting the fact that it could change the whole meaning. Linguistic interference, that's what it is.

Trust me,

Therefore, each episode will explain the correct use of English in terms of grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and sentence structure in a very short, witty, and straightforward manner. One of the great things about this sitcom is that it convinces the viewers that it is okay to make mistakes as mistakes are an essential part of the learning process.

Here are some of the most common errors we always make when speaking in English:

a) Please"open the fan." 
= "Please switch on the fan."


b) "Can you borrow me some money?"
= "Can you lend me some money?"

c) "Please gostan your car."
= "Please reverse your car."

So make mistakes and learn more!


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