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Whatcha Think? 
Boo just called me since Celcom is kind enough to bar my phone today (sad life, I know) and we talked about plenty of things. From his flu to our diet (will blog about this one day, insyaAllah) and to my family’s new home progress. Then there was this one time when he told me there will be a surprise tomorrow before I go back to KK (well it’s like a weekly thing now since we have two homes). Boy did he get me anxious just thinking about it!

I mean, I love surprises!
But one thing I don’t like about it is the CURIOSITY.

What is it?
Is it big?
How much does it cost?
Nay.. Probably not.

I guessed “FLOWERS” because as sweet as he already is, he used to send me a couple of times during the days when I least expected but he said “Nope.” So I asked him to spill some beans, or at least give me some clues but that guy just kept on laughing and laughing… so I had to pretend like I didn’t really care what kind of surprise that he sent me.


But, before we hung up, again he reminded me about it and I was like “Aaaaaaaaaa JUST TELL ME ALREADY!” which made him laugh hysterically...Cis, you enjoyed that every minute, didn't you? Anyway long story short, by the time I almost gave up, he told me that it is something small, “nothing much” and from Zalora.

*puts on my thinking cap*
Butttttt I guess not.

You know why? Because he never buys a dress for me on his own. In fact, when  we go shopping together, it is me who will be doing all the “this one. no, no, this one’s better. hmm, too dull. too big. next!” Be it mine, or his. Jeez, this is why I hate riddles! Puzzles, or whatever. Too much thinking!

Well, lower your expectation, Anna. That might not be it. You’ll just have to wait and see. Yeah, just wait and see. Anyway, thanks Boo for always trying to make me happy. In case you are reading this, I am. Always am. Surprise or no surprise, thank you.

But surprises are better. Ngee.

P/s: He said he still has another surprise for me after Raya (OMG!), and the clues for that one are “HEAVY” and “should be hand-handed”. I wonder what that is..

Ah… Seeeeee? I’m thinking again!



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