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Whatcha Think? 
*omg makes me laugh every time I think about it!*
So I received the little surprise Boo had sent me this afternoon and guess what? YES, it is something made from cloth! Haha. But NO, it's not a dress. DEFINITELY not a phone either. Sadly.

Bye bye imaginary GNote...

"It's small, nothing much and from Zalora."
*of course I know Zalora has nothing to do with phones
but one can only wish for a miracle, yes? ngeee*

Zalora, huh? Pfft! RIGHT...

Well worry nothing. That parcel did make me smile, nonetheless. Hihi. I almost forgot that Boo had recently returned from China several weeks ago (work call) so the "little" surprise he meant was actually part of the souvenirs he bought for me while he was there.

A t-shirt, and a fridge magnet!
Oh, wait! There's a card too!
Nahhh.. You don't wanna know what's in there. Hehehe.

He did wish me Selamat Hari Raya, too, so I guess that makes it the first Kad Raya I got after years! You know nobody uses cards anymore these days since we have emails, Facebook, Twitter and whatnot so the card seems so special it almost brought me to tears!

I'm so touched. Besides, it somehow brings back a lot of memories of the two of us when we were younger where we used to send each other letters and cards until we both grew up and become adults. Ah... I miss those days. Thanks Boo Boo for the lovely souvenirs. I even haven't had the chance to wear the ones you gave me when you were in Korea! Hihi. Thanks for always keeping me in your thoughts. I really appreciate it.

Now, which country are you going next?


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