Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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Whatcha Think? 
Alhamdulillah, I've been getting quite a lot of compliments lately since the new semester started. Because I know I'm not that consistent (still trying to beat that!), so when people told me they've seen changes here and there, only God knows how happy I am!

I can now wear this dress comfortably
without having to worry about that "bulge", no kidding!
Picture taken on Oct 6, 2012


My first ever positive feedback I received on the first day of my third semester was from the cafeteria guy. Haha! Boy, he noticed! And my most unforgettable moment, sort of the highlight of the month was a few days ago when I was in a fitting room, trying on my new skinny jeans. I was so surprised and at a loss of words for a few seconds when I found out that I've gone down one size smaller from my ACTUAL size! Like, an inch less than the-smallest-I-could-go size!
And I was like,
"OMG!! Is this really happening?!"

Sure, an inch sounds like pretty much not really a big deal, but that's HUGE to me! I mean, all this while I thought I couldn't shrink my hips any smaller, I was indeed wrong! 

Trust me, life has been AWESOME with this product. This is no doubt the easiest way to flatten your stomach and burn those stubborn fats without having to sweat! If you are as lazy as me (I know you're not. hehe) or just don't have the time to exercise, THIS IS THE PRODUCT FOR YOU.

Not only they're healthy, but yummy as well!

Herbalife is the best nutritional and weight loss product that can help you get that ideal shape and weight you've been craving for in no time. I lost 3 kilos in a week, I kid you not! Now my stomach looks and feels tighter, so do my arms and thighs. I feel great!

All praise be to Allah, and thank you Herbalife for you have shown me what's impossible really is possible. Should you have anything to ask (and curious about), feel free to ask me. Simply drop your comments, I'd be happy to reply.

Until then!


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