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Whatcha Think? 
Technologies have gone insanely competitive!
I mean, admit it. There is no longer the term "the latest" applicable for them. It is just so hard to keep up as the ever-changing technology is evolving at such a rapid pace!
**err... my interpretation of rapid? ...... yeah.**

Now, not that I oppose such evolution but sometimes it can be a bit annoying, to be honest.

You know how frustrating it is when one day you have finally got yourself that new, hot, fast-selling, most-desired item in the market but then a month later, the company has decided to produce a revamped version of it that puts yours to shame. To make it worst, a week after that, they make a whole new redesigned version of the both of them which makes either one look pretty much prehistoric.

Take this what I call;
"The Nexus Family".
The Nexuses especially (now that sounds so cool!) have gotten better and better specs-wise and design-wise. I am talking about the three "latest" versions, actually when I said that. Do know, too, that all these Nexuses are from very different companies.
The first Nexus (I like to call it, "Abang Long" :P) was the Nexus One (released Jan 5, 2010). The second brother in the family (Abang Ngah?) was the Nexus S (released May 2011) while the third one (Alang? Hey, that's my nickname! *lol*), which gave the most impact on all the Nexus lovers was the Galaxy Nexus (released November 17, 2011).

Hehe. Confused, already?

Then somewhere around November 2012, came the three "latest" Nexuses in the market.
Nexus 4 [LG]
Nexus 7 [ASUS]
Nexus 10 [Samsung]
All three in one frigging month!
*more or else, oh well.. you do the math*

So which one is the most worth-buying gadget among all these Nexuses? Watch this review if you are curious like myself and you'll get the answer. Fret not, this is a very on-point review.
One of my favourites.

"Nexus 4 Vs. Nexus 7 Vs. Nexus 10"
Which is the Best Android Experience?

Anyhow, a fast-growing technology is definitely a good thing.
No pun intended.


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