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Whatcha Think? 
Hi y'all!
How's everyone doing?
Wow, how long was it since I last "checked in"?

To be honest, I'm pretty much here every single day refreshing my blog's Reading List to see what's new and what's hot. Well, I don't know. It seems like I prefer more reading than writing as I get older. The clicking. The scrolling. Simply tap, tap, tap.
*fixes eyeglasses* 
Okay, now I sound a like lazy granny.
A chic one, ahem.

I used to be an avid blogger when I first entered this blog-sphere but of course, that was years ago, when everything was still considered new and seemed intriguing. Even when I'm no longer addicted to blogging, I still (ok this is embarrasing) tell other people how much I enjoy blogging!
Shame on you, Anna.. Shame on you.

Oh, I get it now! Instead of telling (lying to!) people about how much I enjoy blogging, I should have said that I actually enjoy reading blogs! No, wait. Is that what I do? 'Cause the only blog I never miss reading is probably one to none (hats off to Proudduck). Eheh. Ah, window blog(?)shopping? Hmm. Does the phrase even exist? Haha. Don't mind me.

Well, yeah.
That's it!


Truth be told, I'm actually a blog(?)shopaholic. *pardon my English* Now that I think of it, yeah, I think I shop online way more than I used to in stores! Ooh, this could be something to talk about in a different post, but what the heck. Better say it now than never. I'm pretty sure THAT post will be kept dearly in my KIV drafts for only-God-knows how long. Okay, so where was I? Right, a blog(?)shopaholic. *lols* But that is whenever I have money. However, for the most part I'm always broke, so I'm afraid I can't (yet) to announce that I'm a blog(?)shopaholic. So... A window(?) blog(?)shopaholic it is then! Haha. Oh God, this just sounds so funny.

But really, there's so many things to share; I just don't have the urge to tell! (Or type, if you want to put it that way). Truth is, the thing about me which I myself, sometimes, can't stand is that I cannot NOT being hard on myself when it comes to writing. The problem between me and writing – be it a Twitter status, a simple text message, or even a to-buy list – I tend to give myself a hard time figuring out what's best to write, which verbs to use, do the sentences go well together, yadayadayada. It's like final examination every single time! Only more casual. Heck, I even thought about whether to make this whole post centered or justified! Can you imagine? My essay writing test starts as soon as I start typing the first letter!
Oh how I wish I could be less the grammar freak.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I'm good at writing, I certainly am not, but this is sort of the kind of language torture my brain has endured for the longest I can remember. I know there are a lot of good English writers out there probably laughing at me when I said that, it's okay, I'm happy to learn. *blushes* Those who know me knew how bad I was in English when I was young (but shockingly still managed to join the A group students when I was in Form 5 which I remember begging my teacher not to put my name in that group because of my lack of self-esteem). Haha. Those were the days... So my point is, English has always been my greatest opponent to date because to me, it is important that I get to impress my future potential employers with good English skills since I'm a language student. A LANGUAGE STUDENT. That alone spells "perfection". It's scary, if you'd ask me. So one of my ways to ensure that I learn the right way is by writing. Thus the brushing up.. The polishing.. The enhancing.. Those kind of things.
Okay, I think you get the idea.

Another thing that sometimes bugs me when I start writing is that I tend to get carried away with what I initially thought about sharing. Like I just did in most of the parts as the above. See, this is what happens when you bottled up everything for soooooo long now that you've been the given the chance to spill it out, the bottle just explodes!

Come to think of it, now that I've written quite a few, for some reason I feel a little bit more alive. It's like the bulb above my head just lit up ever so brightly without warning. Ooh, I kinda like this feeling...

Gaaahhh.. I can basically go on and on and on and bore you till your last drop of saliva (exaggerate much? bhahaha!) but I guess I'll just stop here for now. Oh, need I mention that I'm not actually typing on my laptop like I used to when I write this post. So this could be one of the reasons why I'm here so cheerfully and just don't know how to stop. Haha!
*refer my 2012 Wishlist sidebar, but better!*

Here's to you,

Omoo... Too big, it scares the kitties!

There. Much better.


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