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Whatcha Think? 
So I'm finally done with my second year of being an ELS student!
As much as I'm enjoying this thank-God-now-hurry-up-so-i-can-get-married! moment, man, time sure knows how to ride a bullet train.

Hold on. Before I continue writing this post, can you see how much I actually LOVE writing *refer previous post* but often contemplate about whether or not to write one because of whatever reason that makes me not to?

Oh, never mind...

So like I mentioned earlier, I just finished my forth semester in UKM and my last paper was actually on the 20th June which was last week. I had been meaning to blog about how relieved I was when I got out of the examination hall that day - if I had a mortarboard then I'd probably be the first one to throw it in the air and scream "freeeeeedommmmmmmm" like a crazy woman - but since I was one of the last people to complete my essay paper (you can tell, by now) and the fact that it wasn't even a graduation day so where on earth could I find a mortarboard (?), fret not, I was completely normal and calmed.

Or, was I..?


Anyway, I was supposed to go back to my hometown today but there has been some changes made which cannot be avoided so I will probably go back by tomorrow, God's will. Oh, and for the record, Boo and I also went to a house showroom this evening and were totally mind-blown! The house is darn huge; the interior was done so beautifully that we had nothing to say but to ooh and aah.. May Allah ease everything for us, ameen.

However, the one thing that excites me the most about going back is that someone, rather somebody, is going to give me a ride home tomorrow from Bangi to KK so I'm pretty much hyped up. Hehe. It's actually not the first time, still, I'm just happy because he offers.

Boo, if you are reading this now,

And oh, Boo, I still haven't finished packing. Teehee.


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