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Whatcha Think? 
Do you always have those days when you fumble in your pockets for coins and end up hating yourself for failing to find any? Are you a student but are already sick of the same instant noodles taste and flavour which leave you no other choice but to eat it anyway because other brands aren't just as good? Or are you having those moments when you are just too lazy to cook for yourself or family or husband or pet or whoever you need to but still want to impress them anyway? Then look no further because the answer is RIGHT HERE!
**oi oi oi! lols**

Behold, my new (rather late) discovery:
In THREE delicious smichous flavours!

Someone was being persistent in persuading me to try these quite some time ago because I was one of those skeptical instant noodles lovers. It was a tough decision to make since every penny counts, if you know what I mean. Heh. But I was dead wrong. If I had known these guys earlier, I would have spent all my money on them! HARDCORE. Hahaha. Way to promote 'em black packets even when you're not paid.

That aside, do you realize that most Malaysians like to call every friggin' instant noodles brand, MAGGI? Even if they are the Cintans or Mamas or Indomies; and then all the detergents in the world as CLOROX when they are actually the Tops, or Good Maids or Kuat Harimaus; and any chocolate drinks as MILO even though they are the Ovaltines or Vicos or Oligos? Like, so messed up! I mean, don't these guys deserve some respect?

Now, back to the main story.
Seriously, guys. There is nothing but to LOVE these beasts. As an *ahem* ardent foodie, they taste DARN GOOD I'm not even kidding! You've gotta trust my tongue on this one. Nobody paid me to say this, I can assure you that.

Instant noodles.
Get it?
Life of the uncoolness.
Sad story.

So as I was saying, I like these guys so much I might want to reconsider changing brands. The first time I had this was last week—and it was the Curry Laksa—at 4 a.m. in the morning (oh no, secrets unfold!) for whatever silly "student life's taking its toll on the growing old me" reason like I normally frequently get and was hooked. It seriously tasted like Curry Laksa! Or to some, like Mee Kari(?), if that makes sense. Nothing so instant noodles-y about it, really. The soup was so rich and thick, you'd better not choke on that one. Made me full for the next couple of hours without feeling bloated. So awesome, right?

And do you know that Zizan Raja Lawak is the brand ambassador of Mamee Chef? And Chef Ismail, too? Yes, you heard me. THE Chef Ismail. The moment I took a forkful of this heavenly flavoured springy curly noodles, I felt like I was served at a restaurant. It was that good.

There. CHEF-Approved.

I bought the cup ones because they were the only type my college groceries shop had at that moment and speaking of tags, I'm not sure how much Giant or Tesco would charge these guys but I bought each for RM3.30. That is like buying three packets of other brands! But nay, no points butting heads. The college shop always charges more than it should. Boohoo.

2-min preparation; 2-min ingestion?

So out of the three flavours, I'm digging the Curry Laksa more. My second favourite would be the Thai Tomyam. And that's it. The Spicy Chicken Shiitake isn't that bad, but my tongue likes the first two better. Try one yourself! ;)

What? It's only RM2.50/pc at Tesco!?
Fuuuuuuuuuuuu! (T_______T)


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