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Whatcha Think? 
Allah has granted our prayers and with that, I can officially say that we now have a place to call "OUR HOME".
Yes, I'm still smiling as I'm typing this.

Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah.
All praises be to You, O'Allah.
No other words can describe the emotions I have right now.

You know when they say, “Good things come to those who wait”, well, they are indeed correct. We've come a long way since the last couple of months so the news really made our day. The announcement was made on Wednesday night, 20th of September 2013, so we went straight away on the next day to settle what's needed to be settled (definitely not a good way to end a sentence—still at a loss of words, haha) and trust me, ever since that, my Google search history is now full with just these:
"purple home decor"
"purple gold home decor"
"luxurious purple silver living room ideas"
"modern luxurious purple gold bedroom ideas"
"luxurious purple gold silver home decor under budget ideas"

Pardon my enthusiasm.
And oh, noticed the same colour scheme there?

So here's the story I was dying to tell.
We first went to the showroom on the 26th of June and boy, was it pretty! Mind you, I'm not a property type-of-person so please excuse my wrong choice of words (or explanations). Yes, I'm talking to you, architect gurl-frennnnnnz.

Korean Bibimbap for lunch, thanks to Running Man(?).

The neighbourhood is located in an upscale area so it already has pretty much everything there: plazas and supermarkets for some future groceries shopping, clinics and hospitals for my future pregnancy check ups and labour (bhahaha), schools for our future children to make friends and find their puppy love, colleges for them to enroll or maybe for me to find a promising job if not a permanent devoted housewife to my future husband, and loads of restaurants and fast food places for when I suck at cooking (don't say I didn't warn ya) *coughs*.

The whole neighbourhood consists of two-storey and three-storey superlink houses and we actually visited both to compare. The one that caught our eyes the most was the latter. The house literally has everything we could ever dream of! It was visually appealing to see maybe because of its unique open-sky concept. And the interior decors as well. I couldn't content my curiosity so I asked them the price for the overall cost of the interior (since we thought about hiring the same designer for that matter) and they told us that it is roughly around 100k and above. So... *scoffs* ...yeah.

Then, when they told us that there are buyers who bought these houses in cash, we were like "Fuyyoooooooooooo!!". Madness, I tell you. Bhahaha. Okay-lah, not really the exact reaction we gave then but come on, I mean, I gasped when someone told me they bought a car in cash, now let alone a HOUSE! I'm sorry for being poor but how much do they earn, seriously? Can we be neighbours?

Another thing about the total cost of the interior designs model is that (we might be wrong but we believe) most of the furnitures used in the showrooms are from Ikea and that could be either a good thing or a bad thing. Also, it depends on one's personal beliefs and preferences. Still, they are both WELL-DESIGNED.

One of the best things which we really appreciate is the fact that each room in both house types has a freakin' personal bathroom! How convenient is that! The three-storey type is best suited for those with bigger families since it is spacious and has an extra floor. God knows how creepy it'd be to live in such a massive house with no one but yourself when you are old. Oh well, there's nothing wrong to get a little ahead of yourself sometimes, am I right? Needless to say, the two-storey type one isn't that bad at all. We can feel the excitement already! So which one is ours? Let's make that a secret for now, shall we?

Seoul Garden for dinner after the whole ooh and aah experience.
Should we just go to Korea for our honeymoon, then?

Our phase is expected to complete (by God's will) the earliest next year, and latest by 2015 so obviously this is one highly-anticipated event of our lives to date! I still remember that day when we looked at each other's eyes smiling ear to ear still in disbelief that we were actually side by side, house-hunting! Look at us, my oh my, we now have a place to grow old together, can you believe that? MashaAllah, alhamdulillah, and insyaAllah, I hope everything will turn out as planned. Ameen.


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