Monday, December 30, 2013

My Kind of Happiness

Posted by ♥ aNNa ♥ at 8:26 AM
Whatcha Think? 
I have been thinking a lot lately.
What? About the upcoming exams?
Nah. That, I never want to think about.
Okay, I will. But only when it's close enough.
I guess that's just how my brain works nowadays.

I was scrolling through thousands of pictures in my phone the other day and I realized that most of them are all food-related. There is me holding my chopsticks to eat sushi; there is me holding my chopsticks to eat meat; and then there is me holding my chopsticks to eat pretty much everything. Hm, funny. The chopsticks are always in frame.

I didn't really put much attention to this before until one day when I was texting with boo, out of the blue, I said "I always get to eat things I wanna eat when with you". So that's when it hit me. It's true. Whenever we are out together, I don't just eat anything. Only good food. You know, “food tastes better when you eat together”? Well, even when we repeat the menu tenfold and I'm not talking about regular food court menus. Come to think of it, it's been ages since we last ate at a food court. I find myself disliking the place more and more now, I wonder why. Anyhow, since he rarely makes decision to almost everything—seriously, not that I'm bossing him around but that's just his nature—he always leaves the job to me so I guess that is how it all started.

My point is, is love a weakness?

Well, let's see. When you love someone who doesn't love you back yet you are still willing to do so much for them and make yourself vulnerable, "Ting ting ting! We have a winner!" Yes. In that case, indeed. But to each his own.

To me, it's more like a source of strength. It makes you a better person than you already are. You become more loving, patient, and compassionate. It gives you courage to face the things that you were afraid of. It pushes you and drives you to appreciate every little thing in life to learn to be thoughtful and considerate.

Love gives us happiness.
But what exactly is love?

Love is when he never fails to text you just to say goodnight. Love is when he snaps photos of you when you are not looking. Love is when he appreciates all the little things you do even when it's nothing. Love is when he tries hard to be there at any time of the day whenever you need him. Love is when he loves you with all your imperfections: weaknesses and strengths. Love is when he still think you are beautiful no matter how much you've gained. Love is when he eats the food he doesn't normally eat just to satisfy you. Love is when he sacrifices his ear to listen to all of your complaints.

Most of all, love is when he always puts you first in almost everything. And that's my kind of happiness.

To you, boo,


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